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Why Replace Burning Coal with Wood Pellet?

By Jack Huang    Oct 18, 2016
replace burning coal with wood pellets

With the climate change and environmental degradation, people pay more and more attention to environmental issue. Among other reasons, burning coal is a major source of air pollution. As a kind of non-renewable resources, burning coal always brings serious environment pollution and destruction of ecosystem. It is significant for us to seek more types of clean energy. Biomass energy is a new clean fuel, which can not only protect the environment, but also save energy.

Wood pellet fuel is one of typical biofuel, it is usually made of  waste wood chip, saw dust, crop straw, etc. Considering cost saving and environmental protection, more and more people start to use the wood pellets instead of coal fuel.

Uses of wood pellet

uses of wood pellet
  • Domestic energy. Wood pellet is an ideal fuel for residents. Not only because wood pellets have high combustion use ratio, easy to store, but also because it is cost-effective. What is more important is that wood pellets are very safe and clean. Wood pellet can be applied in every aspect of our lives like heating, cooking, washing, and etc.
  • Biomass industrial boilers. As the main fuel of industrial boilers, wood pellet replace coal, heavy oil and natural gas, which can reduce the air pollution. In addition to, wood pellet doesn’t contain sulfur and phosphorus that will reduce corrosion and prolong service life of boilers.
  • Power generation. Wood pellet is also used as the fuel of thermal power generation and biomass gasification power generation.  

Advantages of wood pellet

  • Space-saving. Compared to traditional fuel, wood pellet fuel greatly save the storage space, and easy to transport.
  • Safe. Wood pellet is the natural biomass fuel; it has no chemical substances, which mostly avoid the accident like poisoning and explosion.
  • Sustainable utilization. After burning, the stove ash can be used as high quality organic fertilizer for promoting the growth of new plants. The use of wood pellet enters a virtuous cycle.
  • Clean and environmental protection. Wood pellet fuel contains no sulphur and phosphorous, and reduce emission of air pollutants. 


Types of wood pellets

According to the raw materials, wood pellet can be classified hardwood pellet and softwood pellet.


Hardwood has higher density, like birch, poplar, hard maple and etc. Usually, hardwood has lower moisture, and burns for longer periods of time than softwood.


Softwood is the gymnosperm, such as the pine, rosewood, and fir. Comparatively speaking, the softwood pellet burns more fully.

In general

There are so many people felt that hardwood pellets produce little smoke and ash, and more friendly than softwood pellets. However, the content of ash depend on the wood pellets’ cleanliness, not the raw material. In addition, the quality of the wood pellet mill has a great influence on the content of ash. Compared to the raw material, the pellet machine’s quality can really decides the pellets’ quality.In brief, no matter the hardwood or softwood, a high quality pellet machine will turn them into high quality wood pellets.  (how to How to distinguish the quality of wood pellet? )

How to process wood pellet?

For a newer in using wood pellet, you may be confused about how to process wood pellets? A small pellet mill can satisfy for home use or small farms. For some large-scale farms, ring die pelletizer will be your better choice. 

electric motor wood-pellet-technical-features

Note the fllowing tips

  • Wood pellet mill is strict with the raw material’s moisture. No matter what kind of wood, the moisture is better to keep in the range 14%--20%. It can’t take shape if the material is too dry, while if it has high moisture, the pellet always easy to loose.
  • Don’t add the adhesive when you make pellets. Sawdust is a kind of coarse fiber material, and itself has the adhesiveness. After the compress by wood pellet machine, the pellet will be taken shape, and very firm.

Pellet stove---Your best helper for using wood pellets

pellet stove.
How to use wood pellet in our daily life? Pellet stove is a kind of new kitchen stove, it can be used for cooking, heating up water, bathing and so on. What’s more, one pellet stove can be used for two different things at the same time. Pellet stove has advantages of low cost, clean, safety. Because of the small working pressure, and no waste gas, pellet stove don’t have danger like explosion. The pellet stove has wide applications without seasonal limitation. With the rise of biofuel, more and more people start to use pellet stove now.

Things to note

  • Check out the stove before use, ensure all the parts can work safely.
  • Give the pellet fuel in moderate amounts according to the pellet stove’s consumption of fuel, ensure the effect of uses.
  • Don’t stop the operation of the fan until the pellet fuel after flaming.
  • Clean the impurity witch in the pellet stove regular.