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usage of pellet mill compacted wood pellets

By Jack Huang    Apr 11, 2014

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are mainly used in residential and biomass industry sectors in UNECE region, accounting for 39% and 38% respectively of total consumption. Now let us see the application of the pellet mill compressed wood pellets specifically.

UNECE regional wood energy uses per sector

Pellets for household use

Wood pellets becomes more and more trendy for household users because of its characteristics such as, green, cleaning, sustainability, etc. For household users, wood pellets compressed by pellet mills are generally used for cooking and heating but also can be used as cat litter and horse bedding.

Wood pellets for cooking

Cooking with wood pellets are in trend. Because cooking with wood pellets not only can free you from energy limitation and the tight budget but also more clean and safe comparing with traditional cooking style. The reason is because the wood pellets pressed by the wood pellet mills are more cheap, clean and safe. The solid and high caloric wood pellets can be produced from woody residues and agricultural wastes and other biomass materials at hand by a small wood pellet mill or homemade pellet mill. The self-made wood pellets can ease your life.

Wood pellets cooking stove
Wood pellets cooking stove

Wood smoking pellets for grilling

Wood pellets smoking food are a hit now. Wood smoking pellets made from hickory, maple, cherry, etc makes the food more tasty. Beside, the wood pellets makes the smoking more green and easy. Lastly, the wood pellets makes the BBQ much cheap comparing with using charcoal. Wow, it would be wonderful to make your favorite taste smoking food with self made wood smoking pellets by a homemade pellets mills!

wood smoking pellets for grilling

Wood pellets for home heating

Wood pellets as a new type of wood based solid fuel represent an alternative energy to traditional fuel such as coal, gas, and wood logs. Wood pellets is a kind of densified biomass fuel compressed by wood pellet mills. The wood pellets made by the biomass wood pellet mills are the right fuel for pellets stoves which are the popular heating appliance for families in freezing winter.

Wood pellets for home heating

Comparing with traditional home heating appliance, the wood stoves, the modern home heating appliance, pellet stoves, have the following advantages:

  • In design, pellets stoves are more beautiful and versatile than wood stoves.
  • In heating performance, pellet stoves are usually more efficient than wood stoves.
  • In cost, pellet stoves and wood stoves have similar initial costs as the main unit is concerned. The difference lies in the style and design which attracts to you and the selection of heating size of stove adequate to your heating area.
  • In fuel supply, pellets stoves only burns pellets while wood stoves can burn wood fuels, such as firewood or wood scrapes.
  • In maintenance, pellet stoves need to be cleaned regularly as wood stoves do. The ash produced by pellet stoves are quiet less than wood stoves because the wood pellets are more condensed than natural wood.

Here comes the conclusion that wood pellets burning in the pellets stoves are an easy way to reduce consumers’ heating costs. The heating provided by the pellet stoves are not limited to a single room which can also be used to heat the other rooms with a primary or secondary wood pellets heating systems. Lastly, the pellet mills for wood pellets production can also lower the heating cost and benefits the consumers for a long run.

Wood pellets for horse bedding

Wood pellets are good choice for horse bedding. Horse bedding wood pellets produced by special designed wood pellet mills can be soft, dry, absorbent and healthy. Wood pellets are treated by the high heat produced by the pellet mills during production so they are toxin free. Besides, wood pellets will largely reduce the chance of being eaten by the horses. Comparing with wood shavings and straws, the wood pellets can keep your horse in good condition and save your time, energy and most importantly your money.

wood pellets for horse beding

Wood pellets for cat litter

Wood pellets are commonly to be used as livestock bedding. Wood pellets are good for making litters for cats for it is better in odor control, less maintenance, much cheaper, much lighter and neither dusty nor messy, non-tracking, flushable, and much better for the environment, which is much better and cheap than the clay litters are. Well, now let's make the pellets litter for your lovely cats by the small wood pellet making machines.

Wood pellets for cat litter

Well, for a household who consumes wood pellets in a relatively large quantity, it is better to produce your own wood pellets with a home pellet mills, which can lower your wood pellet purchasing cost in a long run. And also, a wood pellet mills not only can produce wood pellets for fuel but also can be used to produce feed pellets for animals, such as, chicken, pigs, cattle, etc.

For industry use

Wood pellets as a kind of environmental friendly fuel are widely applied for industry use. Huge amount of wood pellets are used for boilers, gasifiers, power stations, etc. For industrial boilers, gasifiers, power stations, wood pellets can be used through direct firing, co-firing, cogeneration and gasification to generate heat and electricity. According to the IPCC estimates, electricity and heat from biomass is about 1.3 PJ/a, with the efficiency of 32% on average. It also estimates that the modern biomass usage will largely lower carbon emission. The reduction potential can reaches 1,220 Mt CO2eq for the year 2030.

Industrial boilers

Wood pellets are commonly used in fluidized bed boilers for heat and power production. While for large scale utility power production, circulating fluidized bed boilers with its capacity more than 200 MWth are used.

Bubbling fluidized bed boiler and circulating fuidized bed boiler
Bubbling fluidized bed boilers and circulating fluidized bed boilers

Wood pellets for energy generation are usually sourced from energy crops, wood wastes, agricultural residues, industrial co-products and agricultural residues, etc. Beside the advantage of environment friendly, the wood pellets are also favored by the features of extending burning time, lowering production costs and its economic benefits for the enterprises.

Biomass gasifiers

Biomass gasification mainly use wood based feedstock, like forest residue, wood waste and wood pellets. Usually, biomass gasification has been mostly used in counties where biomass is ample. Gasifiers are used for co-firing, for power production and for fuel, etc. Take the world’s largest biomass gasification plant, Vaskiluodon Voima Oy, for example.

wood pellets for gasifier
Vaskiluodon Voima Oy gasifier

Vaskiluodon Voima Oy is the world larges biomass gasificaion plant in Vaasa, Finland. The biomass gasification plant is constructed as part of a coal-fired power plant, which will be fueled mainly with wooden biomass, and the produced gas will be co-fired with coal in the coal boiler. In the 140-megawatt biomass gasification plant, around 25-40 percent of the coal is replaced by biomass energy, which will largely reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 230,000 tons per year.

Power stations

Now with the international demand to reduce CO2 carbon dioxide emissions, biomass becomes a more popular fuel for power generating. Take the Drax power station, the biggest power station in UK and in western Europe for example.

wood pellets for power station
Biomass Drax power station

Drax power station which typically produced around 7% of UK’s electricity got one of its generating units converted to run on biomass alone in April, 2013 and three units will be converted by 2016. The power station will burn nearly 7 million tones of biomass every year, much of which will come from wood pellet plants in the southern United States.