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What is the correct way of using the small pellet mill?

By Jack Huang    Feb 22, 2017
small pellet mill
As we all know, small pellet mill can turn the waste straw to be high density pellet fuel, such pellet fuel can instead of kerosene, that can not only save energy, but also reduce pollution releasing. In our daily life, the wood pellet can be used for heating, power generation, etc. But how to use the pellet mill can reduce the damage for it and extend its service life? What is the correct way of using the small pellet mill?


  • Read the instruction book carefully. Know the small pellet mill’s performance, structure and operational approach. Install the pellet mill by rules.
  • Pellet mill grinding. Before produce pellet by a new pellet mill, must be fully and reasonable for grinding. The pinch roller of the pellet mill belong to the heat treat parts, in the process of heat treatment, the bore of the new die will appear some rags, such the rags will hinder the materials’ flow and molding, so in the instruction book, there is always write that must be reasonable for grinding.
  • Clear away the hard stuff which in the pellet, avoid breaking down the pellet machine.
  • To ensure safety, before check and maintain the pellet mill, please must be sure that cut the power supply.
  • The election machine must connected earth wire for safety.



  • Not all the lubricating oil are suit for pellet machine, when the designer design the pellet mill, they have stipulated the lubrication oil’s usage amount according to the mechanism of pellet mill. To ensure the pellet machine can get reasonable in different setting, the lubrication oil should add a certain amount of additive, different lubrication oil should add different additive, so that only use suitable lubrication oil can the pellet mill get a good lubricate effect.
  • Remember that the used oil can’t be used again directly, if add the used oil  which not processed in the pellet mill, that will increase the damage to it.

small pellet mill


  • Check up the bolts in each parts of the pellet mill, if there is a loose bolt, should tightened the bolt immediately.
  • Part of the machine should attention to prevent water, moist and mouse, ensure the electric control box clean and dry, avoid the electric trouble happening.
  • When the machine goes down, open the heat sealing device immediately, avoid burning out the packing material.
  • Check up wear condition of the flat-die and pinch roller.
  • Check up the parts, who is easy to damage. Because of the high work intensity of pellet mill , we should uninterrupted detect the pellet mill in whole process of produce, include the Electric current, voltage, sound, dust and the conditions of pellet. Then according to the different condition to effectively solve the problem.


  • Clean the residue on time, prevent blocking the pellet mill.
  • Clean the dust in the electrical box frequently, avoid short circuit and bad contact.
  • To extend the pellet mill’s service life, should clean the loose pellet in time, and keep the machine always clean.
  • If stop using the small pellet for a long time, we must clean the whole body of it and coat the anti-rust oil on the parts, then covered the pellet mill with cloth.