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 2018 Full version of GEMCO product catalogue is available for you to download now! You will find in this PDF file all GEMCO production line covering pellet making machine, briquetting machine, mobile pellet mill, pellet mill plant, etc.

GEMCO also prepare a complete guide on wood pellet production for both starter and veteran who know or want to know something about wood pellets or pelletizing machinery. We used to sell this ebook online for around USD 20. But now we make it FREE for you to download. Because what we see wood pellets and this industry is far more than just handling biomass waste or earn money, it is a business of human being’s future. Everyone on the earth is responsible to know this industry and to support.

Please click the pictures below for download. The download will be automatically start. You may need a free PDF reader.
 2108 GEMCO product catalogue
2018 full GEMCO Product Catalogue

 A Complete Guide on Wood Pellet Production
 A Complete Guide on Wood Pellet Production