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Start Your Own Pellet Plant Today with GEMCO Ring Die Pelletizer!

Capacity up to 20TPH available, PLC control, NO.1 market share in China

GEMCO ring die pelletizer is a different type of pellet making machine compared with small pelletizer (flat die). This pelletizer is designed only for large scale wood pellet or other biomass pellet production in pellet plant. If you are going to build a pellet plant with capacity more than 1 ton/h, this pelletizer is definitely in your consideration. By combining several pelletizers, your pellet plant can reach 20 t/h capacity.

Model Capacity Size Power
420 1-1.5 t/h 1100x2600x2200 90kW
508 1.5-2 t/h 1200x2990x2410 110kW
The benefits of pelletizer and wood pellet plant

According to the latest market research, the total volume of the worlds demand for pellets is around 16,000,000 tonnes for 1 year. It is predicted that by the end of 2020, this demand will increases to 46,000,000 tonnes. Which values USD 8 billion (€5.75 billion). Under the EU’s mandate, 20% of energy consumption shall come from renewable energy. Among all the demands, as a clean biofuel energy, wood pellets are seen a dramatically increasing market demand through all over the world because the technology for making wood pellets is mature and the raw material is easy to obtain. In a foreseeable future, it’s no doubt that business of making wood pellets is promising and will not out of date. Companies who has access to proper raw materials and who owns large drying capacity are already be active and taste benefits in this area, even more and more wood chips and logs are brought as raw material to make wood pellets. Chances never waits for people, so does making money. It’s your chance now, build your own pellet plant and start making money today!

How to build your own pellet plant?

To buy a pelletizer is far from enough for building a pellet plant. A typical pellet plant covers the following process: material resizing→material cleaning→drying→pelletizing→sieving & cooling→pellets packing. Watch GEMCO wood pellet plant video below to get an overall concept. The photo next to the video is a 4 t/h wood pellet project diagram GEMCO makes for one of our clients.

pellet plant flow chart
What other equipments do you need to build a wood pellet plant?

A pelletizer is the essential equipment that you must have for building a pellet plant. As to how many piece of pelletizers you need is depending on the amount of raw material you are dealing with per hour and the estimated capacity. If you are a starter in wood pellet business, you may start with 1 pelletizer to build a mini pellet plant at the beginning. Regardless of big or small capacity, besides pelletizer, you need to have all or most of the following equipments:

Wood chipper: a wood chipper is to cut large size woody material, e.g. logs, branches, into smaller slice material.

Hammer mill: a hammer mill can process wood chippers, straws into smaller pieces, of which the size is less than 3mm. This size is preferred for a pelletizer to get raw material feeding in.

Drying system: Moisture of material matters a lot to pellet quality. As different raw materials have different moisture, a dryer is crucially important to pellet production process. Read this blog to learn more about this issue:Raw material moisture matters a lot to pellet production. Each material requires an unique moisture. If you want to make pellets from wood, material with moisture of around 15% is the best.

Cooling and sieving system: pellets come from pelletizer need to be cooled down to keep a better strength. The sieve will separate intact pellets from ash, which could be in recycling use.

Needless to say, you also need belt conveyors or elevators or packing machine to connect all the equipments. Chances are you may also need a debarker, magnetic separator, weighting and packing machine, etc. Do you feel that? To build a pellet plant is a little complicated than buying a small pelletizer and making pellets at home. But never mind, contact with GEMCO, we will reply you with a total solution just suitable for your requirment.

Why choose GEMCO pellet plant?

First and foremost, GEMCO has it’s own ring die factory, meaning the all ring dies are made by us. We control the ring die quality so that we control the quality of pelletizer and eventually, the whole pellet plant, make it consistent and reliable. As a ring die decides the pellets quality made by a pelletizer and it is the most frequently changed wearing parts for a pellet plant, you definitely want to buy a durable and quality ring die to save money. Never buy from an unknown reseller because there will always be a huge mark-up and unpredictable quality. Below are the photos of GEMCO ring die workshop which deserves your trust. By the way, GEMCO ring die has the patented “step-shaped” die hole design, which triples the service lifetime of a ring die.

Die forging stationDie forging station
quenching stationquenching station
Heat treatment stationHeat treatment station
step-shaped ring die hole (watch close)step-shaped ring die hole (watch close)

GEMCO has build more than 40 wood pellet plants in southeast China, sharing the NO.1 wood pellet production market. Also we have pellet plant turnkey project in every continent on earth. You are welcome to have a on-site visit.