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High Quality Pellet Mill Parts for Sale

Pellet mill die and rollers for flat die and ring die pellet mill in stock

  • 40% longer duration than the average products, compact structure, fine material
  • Available for electric, diesel, gasoline or PTO engin driven flatdie pellet mill as well as ring die pellet mill.
  • 100% brick-and-mortar GEMCO factory made. No markup guaranteed.
Don't Make Your Pellet Mill Stop Working!
Ring die for ringdie pellet mill
Roller for flatdie pellet mill
Die plate for flatdie pellet mill

Die for flat die pellet mill

To flat die pellet mills, the flat dies are the ideal part rather than the ring dies. They are available in many different designs such as the fixed die which is equipped with a rotating roller and a fixed roller with a rotating die. Both of the designs can meet your needs according to the choice of raw materials to be used in making pellets.

Roller for flat die pellet mill

Under normal circumstances, the flat roller will be responsible in making sure the good quality of the pellets. The roller is designed to provide rough surface like condition to the materials so that traction can operate well. A flat die pellet press is manufactured with at least two or three flat rollers inside the die.

Die for ring die pellet mill

Ring die is the crucial part of a ring die pellet mill and the ring die pellet mill is specially designed on the basement of ring die for mass industrial pellet production. Unlike the flat die design, the ring die is positioned vertically instead of horizontally. Inside the chamber, the rollers are stationary and the die is driven, just like a washing machine.

Roller for ring die pellet mill

Ring die pellet mill don’t suffer uneven roller and die wear as the inner and outer edge of the roller covers the same distance. For this reason ring die pellet mills are preferred for large-scale production as they are considered more energy efficient. What’s more, roller slip less during the process of the pelletizing.
More informations such as die thickness, hole dimension are unable to reveal here on internet due to GEMCO patent protection.
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