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How to raise the use value of the peanut shell

By Jack Huang    Mar 03, 2017

peanut, peanut shell and peanut shell pellet


Dose the peanut shell just can be treated as waste or rubbish? Of course not! With the development of the society, there are more and more people start to notice the environment problem. In order to reduce environment pollution, the uses of biomass fuel have been more and more popular. There are so much material can be the raw material of the biomass fuel, like straw, saw dust, corn stalk, etc. Peanut shell also can be used as the raw material of the biomass fuel.

Peanut and peanut shell

Peanut, also called arachis, is a kind of nuts. Peanut is rich in protein, fat, saccharid, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin K and other nutritional ingredient. As the healthy food, peanut has various benefit for people, such as improve the memory, promote the development of physical fitness, lower cholesterol, and slow down with ageing, etc.

As all we know, peanut grown in the peanut shell. Most people always eat up the peanut, and throw away the peanut shell as rubbish. However, as the hull of peanut, peanut shell also has so much uses. Peanut shell contains lots of nutritional ingredient, like fat, starch, fibrin, mineral substance and vitamin, etc. It can be used for feeding, or used as medicine and fuel. 

peanut shell pellet

Peanut shell pellet made by the peanut shell pellet mill.Different from the coal fuel and petroleum,peanut pellet is a kind of energy-efficient and environment-friendly fuels. In our daily life, peanut shell pellet can be used for heating, cooking, and so on. It used convenient with less ash and high firepower, so there are more and more people use the peanut shell pellet around the world.

Characteristic of peanut shell pellet

  • Shape. The shape of peanut shell pellet is cylindrical. their surface is smooth with a slight sheen. According to different requirement, could produce different size pellet.
  • Heat value. Peanut shell pellet has large densities, so the combustion efficiency is high, when burning, the center temperature can reach more than 1100 degree centigrade, heat value can reach 3700 ~ 4000 kcal / kg, ash content less than 8%. Compare with coal and oil, the peanut shell also has its own unique advantages.
  • High firepower and less ash. Because of high pressure molding and larger density, the peanut shell pellet is heat- resistant with high firepower and less ash. During burning, the pellet can keep shape, no distortion and fall apart. The pellet fuel ash can as the potash fertilizer to return into soil.
  • Clean and environmental protection. Use the peanut shell pellet fuel can reduce environment pollution. When burning the pellet, ash discharge concentration is less than 40 mg / m3. So use the pellet fuel can improve air quality and avoid greenhouse effect.
  • Convenient transportation and easy to store. The peanut shell pellet has small volume, so it is easy to store and transport, that can reduce transport cost.  

How to make peanut shell pellet

From the characteristic of peanut shell pellet, we can see that peanut shell pellet has so much advantage for our life, but how to get the peanut shell pellet, and what machines should we use?

peanut shell pellet

  • Heap up raw material. Peanut shell pellet mainly use the peanut shell to be raw material. In order not to affect the production, it had better to prepare enough raw material.
  • Screening. To improve the peanut shell pellet quality, you should take the the raw material into the screening machine to screen out the impurity.
  • Drying. Peanut shell pellet production is very strict with the water content of raw material. After screening, transport the the peanut shell into the dryer and use the hot wind to dry it.
  • Making pellet.  Pellet mill is the key equipment for the production, such a equipment can use various raw material to make pellet fuel, such as peanut shell, saw dust, corn stalk, etc.
  • Cooling. The hot peanut shell pellet are easily broken, so after the pellet out from the pellet mill, should take them into the cooling system. Until the peanut shell pellet have the normal temperature can bag them and be put in storage.

Application of peanut shell pellet

  • Used for daily life. Because of the high uses ratio, and the feature of easily storage and transport, peanut shell pellet can used for our daily life, like household heating, cooking. It used safety and wholesomely.
  • Biomass industrial stove. As the main fuel for the biomass industrial stove, peanut shell pellet mill can replace the coal, petroleum and gas to protect environment, solve the environmental problem. In addition, peanut shell pellet have not corrosion element, that can not corrode the stove. So use the peanut shell pellet can extend the industrial stove’s service life.