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Multiple Roles of Crop Straw

By Jack Huang    Jan 11, 2017
crop straw

With the development of science and technology, and the enhancement of environment protection consciousness of people, more and more people start to use a green environment-friendly way to dispose the crop straw.
Crop straw, usually refer to the rest of the crop after harvest grain, such as wheat, corn and etc, is a kind of useful reproducible biological resources which rich in organic matter, like nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium. There are more than half of the product of photosynthesis exist in the crop straw, so that it can be used for manure, forage grass, tableware, papermaking and so on.

The uses of crop straw

Crop straw returning to field

crop straw returning to field
The process of agricultural production is also a process of energy conversion, Crop need to continually consume and replenish energy. Crop straw is rich in large of fresh organic matter, after it returning to field, and some time later it will transform to the organic matter and available nutrient.

Advantage of crop straw returning

1.  Increase organic matter for soil, improve the physics and chemical character
Crop straw returning is useful for the fresh humus formation in soil, improve the physics character, increase the capability of water and nutrient preserving. In addition, offer the energy that microorganism need, speed up the soil nutrient circulation, promote crop growing.
2.  Return the soil nutrient, save manure dosage
Nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium and such similar nutrient element in the crop straw can offer to the crop when they growing, so that can reduce manure dosage.
3.  Help feed the soil and control weeds.
After straw mulched, the intensity of light decreases, affected the photosynthesis of weed, thus control weeds growing.
4.  Avoid air pollution because of crop straw burning 
Burn crop straw will cause a heavy air pollution, affected traffic, even fire . so, crop straw returning to field is friendly to agricultural ecological environment.

Straw pellet

straw pellet

Straw pellet is a kind of fuel, the mainly raw material are the corn straw, wheat straw and etc. straw pellet has excellent flame retarding property, small volume, and easy to storage and transportation.

Uses of straw pellet

Corn straw has more than thirty percent carbohydrates, two to four percent protein and one percent fat. For the herbivore, 2kg corn straw is equal to 1kg corn kernel, especially after ensiling storage process. Use the corn straw to make straw pellet can used for the cattle feed, this is good for the develop of animal husbandry.
Put the straw pellet to the pellet stove can cook dinner, boil water, and have a bath. It used save and convenience, and no waste gas, can instead of coal fuel. Besides, straw pellet can do the mainly fuel for industrial boiler, solve the environment pollution.

House decorations and building material

wheat straw

In America, people often use the corn straw to be house decoration. When the Halloween and Thanksgiving Day, they use corn straw, pumpkin make decoration.  In some area, like Arizona, because of special geo-climatic, the amount of wood is limited, some people use wheat straw as the mainly building material. The dry and flexible wheat straw can help the house more solid. After high strength extruded, the wheat straw can used as the wall for wood house, and the heat insulation effect is very well.