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How to Control the Moisture Content of Feed Pellet?

By Jack Huang    Jan 19, 2017

feed pellet
The moisture content of feed pellet is a very important quality index, it affects the quality of feed pellet directly. If moisture content more or less than the stipulated standard, feed pellet will be easy to mildewed and nutrients will be reduced. When produce feed pellet, suitable moisture content will be good for producing., reduce moisture energy consumption and improve productivity. Moisture content control is in the whole process of production, according to the different situations comprehensive control various factors.

What affect the moisture of feed pellet?

The moisture content of raw material
Ensure the accuracy of detection when detect the moisture content of raw material. To reduce errors, we can detect two or three parallel samples to get an average value to be the detection value. The raw material who has high water absorption like rice bran, it needs add base plate when stacking.
In  the producing process
The circular mould of pellet mill has different aperture sizes, so the feed pellet products have different moisture content. Using the small aperture size circular mould, then the feed pellet has small diameter, and the pellet will has less moisture. But use the large size circular mould then the feed pellet has large diameter, and the produce has more moisture content.
In the cooling process
Cooling is the last link of process. In the cooling process, the first thing is that ensure the moisture content can’t above the quality control standard. Then, control a suitable temperature. Ensure the products will not has bad influence because of the high temperature.
Packaging and store
It is also very important to manage finished products. Usually, the temperature of feed pellet can’t above the room temperature. It had better avoid direct exposure to the sun after packaging. If not, the moisture of pellet will migrate to the place where has lower temperature, and then the feed pellet will get mildewed easily.

feed pellets

How to control the moisture content of feed pellet?

1. In the actual production, if the powder material has lower moisture content, we need reduce the steam pressure and close all traps to improve the moisture content of feed pellet. If the powder material has higher moisture content, we need use the high pressure over-saturation steam to control the moisture.

2. Cooling process is to reduce the temperature of feed pellet, and control the moisture content of pellet to get the stipulated standard. Until the temperature and moisture of feed pellet get the requirement, we can pack the feed pellet. If not, the finished products will be mildewed easily. We should according to the output, temperature, moisture of feed pellet to adjust the quantity of wind. If the feed pellets are too dry and small, we should reduce the quantity of wind, and cooling time should shorter than normal. If not, increase the quantity of wind, and take more time to cooling. Ensure the pellets get the same cooling time, and operate strictly according to the operation requirement of the cooler.

3.  If the raw material has lower moisture, adding atomized water when mix the material can improve the quality of feed pellet, reduce power consumption, and improve the economic benefits. The moisture content of feed pellet is affected by the raw material, store, and each production processing link in the process of producing, so the moisture control must be strengthened.