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How to Make Grass Pellets at Home?

By Jack Huang    Dec 05, 2017

how to make grass pellets at home

Biomass pellets become to the most popular fuel in the fuel market. Due to the high-efficiency and the less ash, the biomass pellets will be the primary fuel in the future.
The biomass pellets are made from the biomass materials like wood, grass, rice husk, alfalfa and so on. All these raw materials will turn to be the biomass pellets through the pellet mill processing.
Grass pellet as a kind of pellet mill, it has wide application and unique advantages. The market demand for the grass pellets is enormous, but the price of the grass pellets is much higher. So can we make the grass pellets at home? The raw material is easy to get, how can turn waste to the wealthy? Today, we would like to introduce the method to make grass pellets at home.

Advantages of grass pellets

At first, we need to have an understanding of the grass pellets. Nowadays, many raw materials can be made to the pellets. The grass pellets as a fuel have been a well-accepted method in Europe for a long time. Not only be a fuel but as the feedstuff, the grass pellets are an excellent choice.

Various functions

Burning grass pellets as a biofuel is economical, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable. The grass pellets have been accepted by the majority of people. As a clean fuel, more and more people prefer to choose grass pellets because the raw material is cheap and easy to get.

Besides, the grass pellets can be the feedstuff for many animals like horses. As the feedstuff, the grass pellets can be fed as partial hay replacer and they have much nutrition elements.

Simple procession

"Grass pellets have great potential as a low-tech, small-scale, renewable energy system that can be locally produced, locally processed and locally consumed, while having a positive impact on rural communities," Cherney, a professor has told those at the conference. For each family, they can make the grass pellets if they have a pellet mill to operate. The raw material is easy to get, and the small pellet mill is easy to operate, so it will be a trend as soon as possible. How can we make grass pellets at home?

Process of making grass pellets

four types small pellet mill
  • Firstly, we need to choose the suitable grass pellet machine according to our requirements. As a pellet mill manufacturer, GEMCO suggests four types small pellet mills for you to choose. They are electric pellet mill, diesel pellet mill, PTO pellet mill and the gasonline pellet mill. They are four types in term of the engine, you can choose the most suitable one to depend on the physical truth. Generally, the capacity of the gasoline engine pellet mill is much bigger than the others types, you can contact us to learn more details about the homemade pellet mill. It is our pleasure to solve your issues and answer your questions.

  • After you have chosen the suitable pellet mill, you can begin to make your own grass pellets. The key technology of making grass pellets is adjusting the moisture of the grass. The best moisture of the grass pellets is between 13%-16%. So you should adjust the moisture of the raw grass. You can dry the grass in the sun for a day or use the dryer to do that. 

  • Then turn on the pellet mill and put the processed grass pellets into the pellet mill, then the pellet will begin to work. The raw material will enter the working room. The flat die or ring die will grind the grass and squeeze the raw material into the hole. And the raw materials are formed into the cylindrical preliminarily. After that, the grass cylindrical will be cut, formed pellets, and the dump tray sends the grass pellets out. Then you just need to wait for your grass pellets!

When you use the pellet mill, you should read the pellet mill operation guide first. When you first use the pellet mill, you need to turn on the machine and put into the woods, sands, oil in a certain ratio to break in that can prolong the service life of the pellet mill. Besides, if you have any questions when you use the pellet mill, you also can contact us. GEMCO provides the professional service and worker for our clients. We provide the 7/24 e-mail service for you! 
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