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How does a wood pellet machine work?

By Jack Huang    Nov 22, 2017

 how does a wood pellet machine work?

Wood pellet machine, also known as wood pelet press, wood pellet mill, it is popular in the world. With the development of biomass energy, there are several different production technologies to convert the biomass into heat and electricity. The wood pellet machine is the typical machine to do that. Wood pellet machine turns the raw materials into the high-efficient biomass fuel. What’s more, the conversion of raw material into more energy-dense forms facilitates transport, storage and use through the rest of the value chain. The future of the biomass is on continuous developing. The biomass fuel would like to replace the traditional fuel gradually. Besides, the wood pellet machine also provides chance to start business. So the wood pellet machine is more and more crucial for our life and industry.

What is wood pellet machine

Wood pellet machine is a kind of pellet machine for processing the raw materials like sawdust, wood, peanut shell, straw, leaves and so on. Nowadays, there are various different types of pellet mill in the market. And the typical two types are flat die pellet mills and ring die pellet mills. The wood pellet mill can process many raw materials whatever the size is big or not, and the pellet size also can be customized by the hammer mill. How does a wood pellet machine work? GEMCO will introduce the process of making wood pellets from homemade pellet mill and complete pellet plant.

Process of making wood pellets

For the different applications, there are homemade pellet mill and complete pellet plant to choose. The homemade pellet mill also called small pellet mill, but it is easy to handle and can meet the requirements of home use. While, the complete plant is usually used in the factory. 

three types homemade pellet mills

Homemade wood pellet mill

As the name suggested, the homemade wood pellet mill is suitable for home use. Due to the advantages of homemade pellet mill, people can make wood pellets at home with small pellet mill by themselves. And these wood pellets can be used as fuel for home heating, BBQ or the fireplace.

There are four types engine for homemade pellet machine to choose, including electric motor, diesel, PTO and gasoline motor. Clients can order the suitable type according to your requirements. If you are confused about how to select the homemade pellet mill, we provide the free guide for every client. Or you can contact us directly or send the inquiry to us.

How does a homemade wood pellet mill work? Take an electric pellet mill as a sample.

  • First, you need to turn on the pellet mill.
  • Next, you should put the raw materials into the wood pellet machine. (GEMCO suggest that you should put 20% sand, 65% biomass raw materials and 15% used oil if the pellet mill is first work.)
  • And then the pellet mill begins to work.
  • When you put the raw materials into the working room, all these biomass materials will spread on the millstone. The spindle drives the disc to rotate. The pressure roller continuously rolls over the raw materials and squeezes the material into the die hole. The raw materials undergo the process of forming and preservation in the die hole after a certain period of time is extruded in a cylindrical state. Then the cutter will cut down the material formed pellets. All the material will be shaped into the pellets after grinding. And these pellets don’t need water or glue to molding. That is the procedure of the homemade pellet mill.

complete pellet plant

Complete pellet plant

Compared with the homemade pellet mill, because the complete pellet plant has large capacity, it is much suitable for the factory. For the different scales, we provide different pellet plant for sale. According to the yield, we set three types pellet plant. They are small pellet plant, mobile pellet plant, and large pellet plant. The small pellet plant can make pellets 200-700 kg/h, the mobile pellet plant can produce pellets 250-350kg/h, and the large pellet plant can produce pellets 1-6ton/h. We also set special pellet plant as you need.  

Build a complete pellet plant is better to manufacture the plenty of wood pellets for sale. The complete production line is a guarantee for the high quality. 

How does a complete pellet plant work? we sum a basic steps as follows: 

  • The raw materials will be preprocessed at first. The hammer mill cut the raw materials into smaller pieces with same sizes. 
  • Next, these raw materials convey to the large dryer through the conveying belt.
  • Thirdly, through the elevator, these raw materials convey to the pellet mills to be ground from the silo.
  • Finally, these pellets will be cooled and be put into the storage. 

In a word, we have introduced the homemade pellet mill and the wood pellet plant work procedure. For the different application, the homemade pellet mill and pellet plant have own advantages. You can choose the suitable pellet machines according to your actual demand. If you are confused about what you need or curious about the wood pellet machine, GEMCO is pleased to help you!