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How to Choose Homemade Pellet Mill

By Jack Huang    Sep 14, 2017


Pellets, it becomes more and more popular nowadays. People tend to choose the pellets to take the place of gas, coal, and petroleum because the pellets have many advantages.What is pellet? It is the particle made by the pellet making machine. The raw material is easy to get. Grass, bamboo waste, bagasse, leaves and branches, fallen leaves, weeds, straw, stalk, peanut shell, rice husk, alfalfa, and coiffed waste branches of trees, and some wood materials that are trimmed and accumulated in your garden, and many house refuses that all can be made to the pellets.

How can we get the pellets? A small pellet mill is enough. We can make the pellets at home by ourselves.The homemade pellet mill is a machine to make the pellets. There are many types’ pellet mills in the market. Along with the development of the society, people recognize the importance of the environment, so people prefer clear energy like pellets to the traditional fuel. The pellet is a potential stock.

How can we get the pellet mill? In term of the choice of the pellet mill, just determine by your request. What do you want to do if you have the pellet mill? Make the fuel or feed stuff? Dispose of the grass or others refuse? Today, GEMCO ENERGY will introduce the home made pellet based on your requirement.

homemade pellet mill

Homemade Pellet Mill With Electric, Diesel,PTO, and Gasonline

Some clients are interested in what pellet mill runs from. Different motor types will influence the process and result. More details at comparison of Diesel Pellet Mill, Electric Pellet Mill, PTO Pellet Mill and Gasoline Pellet Mill

Generally, there are four types in term of the motor. 

Electric motor homemade pellet mill

The most widely-used are the electric motor homemade pellet mills. If you want to make the pellets at home, the electric motor homemade pellet mill is the best choice. It is easy to handle and not consume lots of energy.

Diesel homemade pellet mill

The diesel homemade pellet mill is better to the farm or the orchard. You just need to add diesel oil to the motor, and the machine will work efficiently and flexibly.

PTO homemade pellet mill

PTO pellets mills are designed for some places where electricity or diesel cannot be supplied consistently. This machine can be added to a tractor or truck for power support. It is not for our house in general.

Gasoline homemade pellet mill

Gasoline homemade pellet mill would run on the petrol. If you pursue of high-efficiency, you can choose the gasoline pellet mill.

Homemade Pellet Mill Types: D-Type & R-Type 

There are two types of the homemade pellet mill based on the design. The one is the D- TYPE, and another is R-TYPE.


The D- TYPE refers to the rotating die type, and the R-TYPE refers to the rotating roller type.
During the process, the die is rotating and the rollers are stationary. The D- TYPE mill is cheaper than R type because the R-TYPE mill has a smarter design of pelletizing process and a better gearbox.


The R-TYPE pellet mill’s two rollers are running around the central driven by the main shaft and simultaneously rotating themselves. With the given dual action, not only is the raw material well pressed but also mixed. Thanks to the sturdy shaft, it easily resists the harder counterforce produced by hard wood and the like, so the R type pellet mill has a wider material application range. Of course, both them can make the high-quality pellets whatever wood pellets or biomass pellets.

All in all, the D- TYPE is suit for the clients who want to use it at home. If you do not require a strict parameter, the D- TYPE pellet mill is suitable for you. And the R-TYPE is suitable for clients who have strict requirements and adequate budget. 

The Application of Homemade Pellet Mill

pellet burning

If you are living in the northern hemisphere, the winter is coming. More and more people would like to use the wood burning stove. The wood pellets are the best choice for people.

  • Firstly, the wood pellets produce no smoke or very subtle ash based on what specific material used for making pellets. If you buy a small pellet mill at home, it is convenient to make the fuel.
  • Secondly, if you have a pet, you can use the handmade pellet mill to make the feed stuff. Feed pellets are easy to storage and digest.
  • Thirdly, you can use the small pellet mill to dispose of the refuse. The pellets as the fuel not only save money but also protects the environments.

In words, what’s your purpose to make the pellets? And what‘s you focus on? If you have problems about the homemade pellet mill, you can contact GEMCO ENERGY. Besides, the 7/24 email and phone call service are available.