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GEMCO Mini Wood Pellet Mill: the World’s Smallest Pellet Mill

By Jack Huang    May 12, 2016

GEMCO Model ZLSP150 Series mini pellet mill is up to now the world’s smallest pellet mill that really works. mini pellet mill has a surprisingly small size (800*450*700 mm), which is developed by GEMCO engineers from 5 years ago. Like other types wood pellet machine, mini pellet mill is usually designed for making pellets from biomass material, such as saw dust, wood shavings, grass, etc. As for the power, electric engine and diesel engine are both available. Due to the design of wheel and capacity, this mini tiny pellet mill is movable and flexible, and it is mostly for home use, you can literally move it anywhere. If you want to make your own wood pellets at home easily, GEMCO mini pellet mill will be your ideal choice!

The Specifications

Model Technical Data
Power (kw) Capacity (KG/Hr) Packing Size (MM) Net/Gross Weight(KG)
ZLSP-150B For sawdust 5.5KW (380V, 50HZ, 3 Phase) 50-100 800*450*700 95/110
ZLSP-150B For fodder 4KW (380V, 50HZ, 3 Phase) 50-100 800*450*700 95/110  
ZLSP-200B 7.5KW (380V, 50HZ, 3 Phase) 200-300 1000x430x950 200/230


You can watch more pellet mill video in GEMCO youtube channel.

The features of mini pellet mill

  • This product is ISO and CE certificated
  • 24 hours continue running guaranteed (exclude the routine maintenance)
  • Small size with lower cost and lower price.
  • Very low energy consumption. One people is enough to operate.
  • Spare parts support and 24x7 email and telephone after sale service supported.
  • One year quality warranty
  • Competitive price and it is cost-effective for homemade pellet production.


Spare parts of mini pellet mill

As a typically flatdie pellet mills, pellet die and roller are main two parts of mini pellet mill.

spare parts for mini pellet mill

The installation of mini pellet mill

Bassically the mini pellet mill is designed to be moveable, it has wheels in the package. The installation of mini pellet mill is also very easy, because the mains parts have already installed, all you have to do is to install the wheels at the base with tools that are given to you for free. when the package is delivered, only thing need to do is to open the wooden box and install the hopper, get the power connected and run the machine! Besides that, any confusion about How to make wood pellet, explore more at make your own wood pellet.

the packed mini pellet mill