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Biomass briquette fuel and biomass briquette machine

By Jack Huang    Mar 10, 2017
briquette machine

Biomass briquette fuel

Biomass briquette fuel, which produced by the biomass briquette machine, is a kind of clean fuel. It can replace the traditional coal fuel, reduce the environment pollution. the biomass briquette fuel has the advantage of high heating value, low cost, high density, small volume, convenient storage and transportation, sanitation and cleanness. There is no harmful gas when burning the biomass briquette fuel, so it is friendly to the environment. In addition, the application range of the biomass briquette machine is very wide, it suitable for industrial power generation, agricultural production, life heating, water supply and other field. For the protection of the ecological environment has played a catalytic role.

Biomass briquette machine

Biomass briquette machine also called straw stalk briquette machine, it mainly used stalk biomass to be the raw material, such as the corn stalk, tree branch, forage grass, saw dust, etc. Usually, the corn stalk and beans stalk are used for briquetting the ruminant livestock feed. But the forage grass and saw dust briquette always used as biomass fuel. because the biomass fuel used convenient, and has less ash, it welcomed at home and abroad.

Operating principle of the biomass briquette machine

Biomass briquette machine is mainly made up of feeding conveyor, compressor, discharging machine. When produce the briquettes, you should ensure the water content of the raw material is in the range of 10% ~ 25%, and the length of the raw material should less than 50mm. Then, put the material into the feeding hole by the feeding conveyor. When the main shaft start working, the compression roller will start working follow the main shaft. After the extrusion of the model hole, the briquette finally be crushed out from the discharging machine.

Feature of the biomass briquette machine

  • High automation, high output, low power consumption, and simple operation.
  • Suitable for all kinds of raw material forming. The length of the material is better to less than 50mm, and the water content should between 10% ~ 30%.
  • Electric heating function. The automatic electrical heating device can adjust the degree of dryness and humidness, avoid the machine clogged.
  • Pinch roller self-regulation function. By using the principle of bi-directional thrust bearing rotation automatically adjust the pressure Angle, the material will not crowded, that can ensure the stability of molding.

common faults and troubleshooting

  • After turn on the electrical machine, the moulding-die doesn’t work. When close the biomass briquette machine, the raw material should add water, if not, the molding-die will not discharge the material. So we should clean out the material, which in the circular mould.
  • Productivity slowdown. If the gap between the moulding-die and the compression roller is too large, the productivity will slow down. So when use the machine, the gap, which between the moulding-die and the compression roller, should be adjusted in the minimum range.
  • The electrical machine sound rumble or scream. If the raw material is too dry and there are too much material in the circular mould, the electrical machine will sound rumble or scream. Under this circumstance, we should adjust the water content of the material, clean the redundant material in the circular mould. According to the ampere meter to send the material into the machine.
  • The electric motor doesn’t work. When the electric motor overload or the electric leakage, the electric motor will can’t work as usual. So the electric motor should has the overload protective device and leakage protection device. Before start the electric must remember clean up the material and check that if the electric motor leakage.