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Best Alfalfa Pellet Mill for Making Animal Feed Pellets

By Jack Huang    Dec 21, 2015
make feed pellets by GEMCO pellet mill
Alfalfa is a kind of grass widely grown in the world. Owing to the strong vitality and fast growth speed, alfalfa can be harvested for 1-13 times in each growing season and grow more than 20 years. With these characters, it can be widely used in biomass pellets production and product feed for animals by yourself.

Typical types of alfalfa pellet mill

In order to meet the various requirements of the market, the pellet mills can be divided into small pellet mill for home use and pellet mill plant for large scale production. 

Small alfalfa pellet mill

Die-Rotating Alfalfa Pellet Mill

Die-Rotating Alfalfa Pellet Mill
Die-Rotating Alfalfa Pellet Mill

Roller-Rotating Alfalfa Pellet Mill

 Roller-Rotating Alfalfa Pellet Mill
 Roller-Rotating Alfalfa Pellet Mill

Mobile pellet mill plant

Mobile pellet mill plant


How to make alfalfa pellets?

Step 1: drying alfalfa until the moisture is about 15%.
Step 2: grinding alfalfa.
Step 3: putting the alfalfa to the feeder of alfalfa pellet mill.

Benefits of alfalfa pellet mill

  • Pellets form can largely reduce transport costs.
  • Make animal feeding easier and cleaner.
  • Enables the distribution of a protein food as a concentrate.
  • Prevents acidosis.

Advantages of using feed pellets

As we all know, animals have different nutritional requirements. And providing the proper nutrients to your livestock is an important way to ensure their health. With the reprocessing of alfalfa pellet mill, the alfalfa can become better to animals.
  • Nutritionally balanced rations for your livestock.
  • No waste and a 10% percent saving over hay bales scattered and not consumed.
  • Easier to more accurately gauge the amount of feed necessary for your cattle and horses than traditional hay and grain feeding procedure.
  • Nutritionally optimized for your animals’ dietary needs.