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How Much Do You Know About Small Pellet Plant

By Jack Huang    Feb 08, 2018

small pellet plant

Small pellet plant is a complete set of equipment for feed pellets making. Usually, there are two types of feed pellet plant. One is mobile pellet plant that is welded by the manufacturer; another is complete pellet plant that needs to assemble by yourself. The difference between these two types of pellet plant is just like the difference between the brand computer and home build computer. The first type has fix parameter, while the second type is quite flexible, allowing you to choose according to different needs.

Mobile Pellet Plant

mobile pellet mill

Mobile small pellet plant is designed by GEMCO with years of experience and the study of customers’ need. It can be used to make feed pellets and bio-fuel pellets with a wide range of raw materials. Common pellet applications include straw pellet making, rice husk pellet making, bamboo pellet making, sugarcane pellet making and alfalfa pellet making, etc.      

Mobile pellet plant has many functions such as smashing, mixing, tempering, pelletizing, and cooling and can meet customers’ requirements. High automatic degree is applied to small farm or clients with the higher requirement for automation.  

Mobile small pellet plant consists of crusher, split system, pneumatic system, mixing feeder, quenching system, granulation equipment, sorting system, conveying mechanism and other parts. Mobile pellet plant adopts variable frequency regulating to control the key working process. Mobile pellet plant has complete and reasonable technological process. It is adaptable and suitable for making different kinds of pellets. The output of mobile pellet plant is 500kg to 700kg per hour.

Complete small Pellet Plant

small feed pellet plant

Complete pellet plant is a complete set of equipment to make feed pellets. It is made up of crushing equipment, mixing equipment, feeding equipment, granulation equipment, cooling equipment etc.

  • Crushing equipment is feed mill. If the granularity of raw materials is less than 6mm, feed mill will be needed.
  • Mixing equipment is fodder mixing machine. It is mainly used to mix various raw materials to make the feed pellet nutritionally balanced.
  • Feeding equipment is the spiral feeder. It is used to replace the manual feeding. It can raise the working efficiency and make the material more balance.
  • Granulation equipment is pellet mill. It is the central equipment to make pellets. It is a must to make feed pellets.
  • Cooling equipment is cooling roller sorting machine. The pellets made by pellet mill are heated and need to be cooled to package. It is suitable for customers who do not have enough space for drying.

However, in actual production, we do not need such complete equipment unless we have a large-scale feed mill or breeding factory. Customers can choose suitable equipment according to their need. The combination of feed pellet plant is completely flexible. Customers with small-scale production usually choose feed mill and pellet mill, while other customers think fodder mixing machine is useful, so they choose fodder mixing machine, feed mill and pellet mill. Different raw materials, different outputs, different budgets need different combinations of equipment.

Besides, we have a new combination of equipment for feed pellets making, including crush mixing machine, feeder, stock bin, pellet mill, conveyor, and cooler. It is very practical for large or medium-sized farmers, and feed factory.


GEMCO will provide you with the most proper plan for your wood or feed pellets production line, allowing you to spend the minimum money getting the most suitable equipment. Beside Recommend pellet mill types as follows:

  1. Small pellet mill: Capacity from 50-450kg/h. Apply for home use or small farm.
  2. Complete pellet plant: Capacity from 1-20ton/h. Apply for large scale of farm and commercial pelletizing factories.
  3. Briquetting machine: Apply for pellet or briquette making.