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Wood briquettes treasure

By Jack Huang    Nov 01, 2013

Wood briquettes or hardwood briquettes are sustainable energy source which convert the wood or hardwood wastes and residues into biomass fuel briquettes by briquetting machines. The briquettes fuel is widely used for domestic cooking and heating while at the same time the briquettes fuel is also an energy source for industrials for its low price and low carbon emission. Besides, the solid briquettes pressed by the briquetting machines have advantages over fuel wood in terms of greater heat intensity, cleanliness, convenience during combustion and relatively smaller space requirement for transportation and storage.

Wood residues, wood treasure

Wood residue or waste, which are the general raw materials for wood or hardwood briquettes production, are generated through each life stage of a piece of timber, from its harvesting and milling, trading (e.g. timber merchants, DIY stores), processing (e.g. furniture and joinery manufacture), to the end of life disposal (e.g. demolition, disposal of old wood items). And it can be generally sorted in terms of waste generation as sawdust, the most common, off-cuts, shavings and woodchips. And some household wastes, which is usually the raw materials for homemade briquettes processed by homemade briquette presses, also can be categorized as wood waste, such as such as fences, garden sheds, window frames, doors or miscellaneous wood. All the wood residues and wastes mentioned above can be compacted into wood briquettes or hardwood briquettes for individual and industrial purposes, which have already been widely applied in not only European developed countries but also the Asian developing countries.

wood residues

Wood residues for pressing briquette fuel

Briquette fuels: treasure out of residues

As biomass energy gets more and more attention in the energy market and as the biomass energy converting technology and the briquetting machine production technology develop further and further, the production of wood briquettes becomes  professional and industrial.  At present, wood briquettes or hardwood briquettes production can be can be customized according to the usages and customer requirements in terms of briquettes composition, shape and dimension. In terms of briquettes composition, many factors needs to be considerate, such as lignin content, moisture content, ash content, combustion rate, the proportions of the raw materials, binders and mechanical factors, such as briquetting machines or briquette machines and the quality of wood briquettes combustion equipments. As for the briquettes shape and demission , it can be totally customized. Briquettes with various shapes and different thickness and lengths such as hexagon, round, octagon and various are available, and even the briquettes with custom-made shapes and brand logo carved on the surface can be achievable.

wood briquettes

Wood Briquettes pressed by different briquetting machines


Briquettes quality evaluation

Comparing with the various shapes of briquettes, the quality of wood briquettes is more important. Then comes the question that how to evaluate the quality of wood briquettes? First, high quality wood briquettes should have smooth surface, and homogenous compacted cross-section, which means the briquettes have high density compacted by the high quality briquetting machines. Secondly, the moisture content should be around 5%, which ensures good combustions. And the last and the most, it’s the heat value of the solid briquettes fuel. Heat value or calorific value is the decisive factor for evaluating the quality of the briquette fuel. The heat value depends on the property of biomass raw material composition which in turn defines the quality of the briquettes. Naturally, there are other factors that influence the quality of the wood briquettes and other methods to evaluate but if the wood briquettes have smooth surface, high heat value and good combustion rate, they are high quality briquettes.

Wasted not, wanted not. Now in the energy scarcity time, what we can do is not to exploit but to save. To save the Mother Nature form the sick pollution and cherish what she has given to us, and try to find a new way to covert the once so-called “wastes” into treasure.

green earth and better life


Green Earth and Better Life


【1】An introduction to wood waste in the UK • Dr Georgina Magin • Fauna & Flora International • ISBN 1-903703-02-6