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Small pellet mill Big pellet making helper

By Jack Huang    Jan 02, 2014

Small pellet mills are usually used for small scale pellet production by households, labs and others. It’s ecological and economical friendly to use small pellet mills to produce pellets for heat, power and feed. There are various small pellet mills in the markets with different power force and capabilities.

Generally speaking, small pellet mills could be driven by electricity, diesel and gasoline with the capability ranging from 30-50 kg/ h to 2000-3000 kg/h which can be elected according to your energy situation and production requirements. The small pellet mill could be used to production fuel pellets and feed pellets with the different dies which can be changed according to requirements.

For fuel pellets production, the small pellet mills can be used to produce agricultural residues such as straws, corn cobs, peanut shells, sunflower seed shells, etc, household wastes such branches, leaves, boards, and other wastes,etc. The fuel pellets are the densified biomass fuel which are compressed by the pellet mill into a uniform diameter, shape, length, size which are suitable for boilers, stoves and other appliances. With the pellet mill, the once wasted biomass materials around your living residents can be used suatainably which could lower your heating and cooking expense and do your contribution on environment preserving at same time.


For feed pellet production, the small pellet mill can produce feeds process corn, corn stalk, soybean, wheat bran, rice bran, peanut shell and others into feed pellets for cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, etc. Feed pellets are hotly welcomed by farmer for pellets are easy to be processed, transported and stored. Secondly, it can provide condensed and balanced nutrition for animals. And the most import reason is that the hot temperature in the pelleting chamber could have the raw materials disinfected and fermented, which is much healthier and easier to be digested by your animals. Lastly, the feed pellets confer greater cleanliness and convenience to the feedlot insure your animals have a healthier and comfortable environment!What are you waiting for, my friends? Your lovely animals are eager for the yummy pellet food!


At last, here comes the question: why bother to make your own pellets? It is because it is cost-effective and convenient. To produce your own pellets can save the once wasted materials into fuel pellets, make your feed pellets according to your animal situation which is good for your animal better than the feed pellets for sale. With the small pellet mill at hand, you can get your pellets conveniently whenever it’s needed no mater wherever you are.