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Prerequisites to set up a briquetting plant

By Jack Huang    Feb 19, 2014
Biomass briquettes is one of the biomass densified fuel which is known as the briquetting of wood residues and other agricultural residues. Briquettes fuel as a kind of organic energy has been used world widely because it’s good to environment and relatively low production costs. As the needs for energy rising and the development of briquetting technologies, the briquetting production industry is thriving. However, there are several prerequisites needs to be considered before setting up a briquetting plant.


Briquettes making machines needed in the birquetteing plant

The briquette press needed in the briquetting plant

Market demands for briquettes

Assess the briquettes demands in the target market. Evaluate the potential clients, specially the small and medium scale processing industries, brick kilns, large bakeries, or other institutes and establishments which is potentially to replace the fossil fuel such as coal, oil and gas with biomass briquettes because of economical, environmental and political reasons.

Potential manufacturers

Assess the potential briquettes entrepreneurs who either have a captive market for briquettes or has the possibility to gain main market share in the future market and those entrepreneurs who are potentially to invest into briquettes manufacturing such as wood factories who has abundant of raw materials and briquette press machinery entrepreneurs who have bright prospect as a biomass briquettes manufacturers.

Biomass availability

Assess the quality and quantity of the biomass availability. There are several factors need to be considered, such as the costs of transportation and storage, the loss of biomass materials due to hazard weather conditions and long term storage which is incorporated into the cost of raw materials.

Infrastructure availability

The basic facilities and conditions needed for setting up the briquetting plant such as the sufficient land, power and managerial capabilities.

Feasibility study

It is very important to conduct a feasibility study which should be conducted by consultants who are experienced in briquetting technology. A favorable report would reinforce the technical feasibility and economic viability of the project.

After you've went through all there preparation works, you may take actions to establish your briquetting plant, i.e., purchasing your equipment, such as, briquette making machines, constructing the briquetting workshop, training your staff, etc. When the briquetting plant is completed, your briquetting business is already half successful and what left is depending on your management, wishing you a big success!