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Pellet stove heating your home

By Jack Huang    Nov 29, 2013

Pellet stoves are welcomed appliances for home heating because it is cost-effective, safe, quiet, convenient and versatile designs at customers’ choice.

Gemco pellet stoves are the most cost effective choice for home heating. Generally, a pellet stove is often cheaper to install than a conventional wood-burning heater for many of them can be direct-vented to the room and do not need an expensive chimney or flue. And also the pellet stoves are fueled with biomass pellets, which is sustainable and relatively cheap. The biomass pellets are made from agricultural residues (such as grain husks, straws, etc), household wastes (such as water papers, wood craps, etc), and industrials residues (sawdust, shavings, etc) which are available almost everywhere residential places. And you even can make your own pellet by homemade pellet mill. All the above means you can fire your pellet stove and warm your home with relatively low cost.

Wood pellets stove heating your home

Pellet stove heating your home

Pellet stoves warm your home with safety. Firstly, the pellet appliance exteriors (except glass doors) stay relatively cool while operating, reducing the risk of accidental burns. Secondly, pellet stoves burn fuel so completely that very little creosote builds up in the flue, posing less of a fire hazard. And lastly, the sealed exhaust pipe is used to prevent exhaust gases escaping into the living room because of air pressure casted by a combustion blower, which ensures you a safe and clean environment.

Pellet stoves are easy to be operated and convenient for you. With advanced design, Gemco Pellet stoves have a small computer and thermostat installed which can ignite, adjust the pellet feed rate and cycle themselves on and off automatically. Pellet appliances usually require refueling only once a day. What’s more, the pellets in the stove almost can be burned complete so that there is little ash left so it does not need to be cleaned up so frequently, which can save you from the daily chore and give you time to do what you want.