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Pellet Stove Safety

By Jack Huang    Dec 26, 2013
Pellet stoves can heat your home quietly, warmly and conveniently in the frozen winter. Now Jack Frost has knocked on your door, and it’s time to fire up your pellet stove to make your baby sleep soundly in the cozy bedroom. Before firing up your pellet stoves, do you know what need to be cautious before firing up the pellet stoves? Now let’s see what should be considered before firing your pellet stoves up.

1. The stove must be ground connection. The protection against electric shock relies on the ground connection when basic insulation fails. Please install the appropriate capacity of leakage protector in power supply circuit.

2. The power cord must be replaced by stove manufacturer, local service center or relevant specialist when it is damaged.

3. Do not use stove in the environment which contains explosive of flammable gas, liquid or dust because of the fire.


Pellet stove warms home

4. Someone must be on duty during the stove operation.

5. Do not place flammable and explosive articles within 0.5 meters of stove and outside smoke vent.

6. Don’t place any covering on the stove.

7. During normal using, do not clean the glass with water or splash water on the glass to avoid damage from bursting.

8. Keep elderly and children away from high-temperature parts of stove, such as: Fire Viewing Window Glass, Front Panel, Left & Right Side Panel, Hopper Lid and Exhaust Pipe etc.

9. Each year before using the heater, please add right amount of lubricant oil on bearing of each motor to prevent damage of the rotating parts and the noise increases because of lack of lubricant in high temperature environment.

10. Please do regular maintenance and cleaning in accordance with maintenance instruction. Before doing maintenance and cleaning, please make sure that stove has been cool down.

11. If a failure occurs, please shut down the power immediately and contact local dealer for a specialist.

With the above suggestions bearing in mind, it would be easier for you to hand the pellet stoves. If you have any question about pellet stoves, please contact with the specialist as soon as possible. Caution is the key to keep your home safe and little preparations before firing up your pellet stoves will make your family go through the frozen winter warmly, safely and happily.