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Pellet Mill and Briquettes Press Solutions

By Jack Huang    Dec 17, 2013

Want to invest in biomass pellet and briquettes energy production business but do not know how to start? Have biomass materials but do not know whether they are profitable for pellets or briquettes making? Want to buy a cost-effective biomass briquette press or pellet mill but do not know how to choose biomass energy making machine? Well, Gemco Bio-fuel Laboratory will find the best bio-fuel solutionand the high cost-effective briquettes machines and pellet making machines for you with our mature technology, which is pursuing to bridge your energy needs with sustainable supply and lowest cost.

Gemco Bio-fuel Laboratory is a Chinese nonprofit organization affiliated with Gemco Biofuel machinery Co.,Ltd, Agico Group, which is a professional biomass machinery manufacturer in China. Gemco Bio-fuel Laboratory is dedicated to the research and development of wood pelletizing mill technology and biomass briquetting machine technology since its foundation in 2003. The engineering team of the Lab supported by prestigious professors from Tsinghua University has further developed the features of biomass briquette machines and pellet machines, such as the ring die pellet mill by enhancing the lubrication system, improving the reliability of the mechanical power transmission and the stability of the rotary systems during the pellet production.

Customized pellet die drilling

Customized pellet die drilling

In addition, Gemco Bio-fuel Lab has innovated the solid biomass pellet complete plant on the basis of international advanced technology which expands the application range of the pellet machines from agriculture to forestry waste and ensures the end products, the pellets, to be smooth, high density, uniform in size. With their ten national patented technologies on biomass machinery and over a hundred of patented applied technologies, the Lab can provide better contribution and service in the bio-fuel field.

Various biomass materials and pellets

Various biomass materials and pellets

Gemco Bio-fuel Laboratory is not only dedicated to the technology innovation but also dedicated to provide service concerning with biomass energy and machinery. They provide free services such as the biomass materials property study and consultation on biomass briquette presses and pellet mills. The Lab also can provide all around service from on-site investigation for project construction to pellets and briquettes production. If you have anything concerning about biomass briquette press and pellet mills or other biomass equipment, please leave us a message. In order to provide better services, we have recorded series of videos about  biomass briquettes press and pellet mills from installation to the trial running of different machines to produce  various biomass materials into pellets or briquettes.

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Pellet mill trial running video shooting

Pellet mill trial running video shooting

Customers conducted trial running of the pellet mill plant at biomass factory lab

Customers conducted trial running of the pellet mill plant at our Lab factory