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PTO pellet mill overview

By Jack Huang    Jan 21, 2014

PTO (Power Take Off) pellet mill still possesses its own market share in agriculture machinery of today's pelletizing industry which could not be ignored by both farm owners and pellet mill dealers. How much do you really know about PTO pellet mill? Have you ever considered of making your own pellets by using a PTO pellet mill? What’s the advantage and disadvantage of PTO pellet mills? How can you benefit from a PTO pellet mill? Follow this article to find all the answers.

What is PTO?PTO shaft

PTO standing for "power take off", a mechanical gearbox which attaches to apertures provided on truck transmission and is used to transferring power of the vehicle engine to auxiliary components. PTO is an efficient means of transferring mechanical power from tractors to implements. The earliest documented use of PTO is in 1999 when it was used to power an air compressor to inflate tires on a Cadillac automobile and the PTO apertures were standard on track transmission which advanced the North American agriculture during the 1930s.

What are the types of PTO?

There are three types of PTO which differentiate each other by the mode of use (stationary of moving vehicle) and at the level of toque delivery:

Engine PTO: used in permanent mode, provides both the stationary and moving vehicle with high torque delivery capacity Gearbox PTO (clutch dependant):usually for stationary uses where the mid or low torque is required. Transfer box PTO is only used when the stationary vehicle requires a high torque.


How does PTO work on your tractor?

Real PTO working with tractorPTOs can fit all the tractors with different ration and performance in different positions within the vehicles driveline on the type of mission and bodywork. The earliest transmission PTO works on a tractor by connecting the PTO shaft directly to the transmission of the tractor and works only when the clutch is released. An independent PTO works with a separator clutch controlling the PTO shaft which allows full control over the tractor and separator control of the PTO. A live PTOworks with the use of a two- stage clutch.

What's a PTO pellet mill?

A PTO pellet mill is a special designed pellet mill without self-provided power source but connected with the PTOs, such as tractors. The PTO pellet mill frees the pellet mills from the power limitation and makes the application of pellet mills available at the remote place where energy is limited and electricity is expensive. A PTO pellet mill is usually used by farm-used end customers who can take advantages of agriculture residues such as sawdust, crop stalks, straws and other biomass materials by pelletizing them into pellets for fuel to heat their stoves and feed animals or for animal beddings.

PTO pellet mill connected with a tractor

PTO pellet mill connected with a tractor

Highlights of PTO pellet mill

Market demand: A PTO pellet mill is dedicated designed for farm owners or farmer who has a tractor and being accessable to some amound of raw materials which can be made into pellets. As no engine is equipped with PTO pellet mill, the price is much less then other types of pellet mill.

Easy use: The PTO pellet mill is available to be connected with any engines, such as electric engines, diesel engines, gasoline engine, even tractors, which makes it more practical and convenient for pellet production and free from place and energy limitation. Also the design of PTO pellet mill can be customized to fit your power take off system.

Capacity: the PTO pellet mills have relatively high working efficiency because of the strong power source and at the mean time it consumes lower energy. The productivity of PTO pellet mill ranges from 40 to 880lbs/h, varying with the power supply.

Mobility: because of the power-take-off design, the PTO pellet mill is smaller in volume and lighter in weight comparing with other pellet mills. Put it anywhere with ease.

Speed: the PTO pellet mill itself has no speed control device so the controlling of the speed relies on the external system such as the external power engine and the feed speeding. When it is connected with the tractor, the speed of a PTO pellet mill is solely governed by the feeding speed which needs more attention.

Security: when a PTO pellet mill is connected with the tractors, the protective cover is recommended. And while running, the operator needs to obey the operation instructions for the sake of safety.

Limitation: the PTO pellet mill is usually meant to connected with your tractor so the production of the PTO pellet mill is limited by the power of the external driven engines, i.e, your tractors. However, it’s not a problem to find a suitable PTO pellet mill for in the market there are various models and customized PTO pellet mills are also available. Contact GEMCO engineers to get the best solution for you.

How does a PTO pellet mill make pellets in real operation?

Let's put it simple, the PTO pellet mill works just like the other types of pellet mills except that the PTO pellet mill is powered by the PTO, such as, as your tractors. The following video is recommended for you to understand how a PTO pellet mill makes pellets with a tractor.


How to make pellets with the PTO pellet mill connected with your tractor?

In conclusion, PTO pellet mill is very convinent for general wood pellet production line. except for the PTO type, there are some other engines for small pellet mill including electric, diesel and gasoline engine. These small pellet machines apply for different working conditions, you can learn the differences between PTO pellet mill, electric pellet mill, diesel pellet mill and gasoline pellet mill, and chose the proper one.