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Market briquette presses analysis

By Jack Huang    Nov 15, 2013

Briquette fuel as an alternative energy of fossil fuel gets more and more importance in the energy market and substantial investors capital in the briquette manufacturing business. Hence various briquettes presses and briquette makers get promoted on the market. As a briquette manufacturer, what do you know about the briquetting presses for sale in the market?what do you know about briquette presses for sale in the market

Even though there are a plenty of briquette presses for sale in the market, there are generously three types of briquettes presses classified according to the molding technology adopted which are the piston briquette press, the screw briquetting  press and the hydraulic briquetting press.

With the high compaction technology or binderless technology, the piston briquette presses and the screw briquette presses are brought into beings in the market. The piston briquette press molds the briquettes by punching the biomass materials into a die by a reciprocating ram with high pressure and eventually to compress the biomass into briquettes. The piston briquette press is the most common one for sale in the market for its high cost-effective ratio. Because there are less relative motion between the die and ram, the abrasion or wear of the contact parts of the die and ram is less than that of the screw briquette press.

At the meanwhile, the screw briquettes press is a screw briquette extruder press, the biomass is extruded continuously by a screw through a heated taper die. It can continuously produce uniformed briquettes with carbonized surface which improves the combustion performance and prevents storage humid and with a hole in the center of the briquettes which helps air circulation and betters the combustion. Comparing with the piston briquettes press, it is light and quiet during briquettes manufacturing because the screw extruder does not need punching to mold briquettes and have no reciprocating parts and flywheel but it requires more power than that of the piston briquette press.

Another type of briquetting machine is the hydraulic piston briquette press which is usually consisted of mechanical system, hydraulic system and electrical system, which cooperate to produce the desired biomass briquettes. The high strength hydraulic system supplies sufficient compressing drive while the cooling system ensures efficient production. Automatic rotating extractor constantly feeding ensures stable and sustainable production. The hydraulic press drives the piston by an electric motor via a high pressure hydraulic oil system, which is different from the mechanical piston briquetting press and makes the briquettes production much quieter, lighter and safer. And comparing with the mechanical briquette presses, the hydraulic briquette press can process materials with moisture content of 15 % which is much higher than the others but with a relatively little lower productivity.

Now what is your thinking about the biomass briquettes for sale in the market? What kind of briquettes press do you want? Well, each briquette press in its own way has made an important contribution to build a better life and green world.