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How to buy a cost-effective pellet mill

By Jack Huang    Oct 22, 2013

How to cut your budget and buy an cost-effective pellet mill online to profit your business?
Cut budget, buy cost-effect pellet mill and make profits

As the cost and price instability of fossil fuels keep growing, and as the environmental problems get worse and worse, the conversion from traditional fuel to green one is urgent. As one of the green fuel, biomass fuel gets huge market. The pellet production can provide affordable fuel, and chances for jobs and at same time ease the environment pressure by lowering the carbon emission.

More and more people start to make pellets for industrial purpose or household use. Then here comes the first and foremost question before start making wood pellets: how to buy a cost-effective pellet mill?

While in the international commercial wood pellet mill market, there are countless pellet mill manufacturers and suppliers. No matter where you are planning to buy a pellet mill, the following 4 considerations need to be focused:

1. Quality comes first. Quality is the core of pellet production. At least, you need to choose a CE certified pellet mill.

2. Cost is one of the decisive factor . Ideal situation would be buying proper pellet mill from the manufacturers or suppliers with the lowest price. Here you should pay attention, the proper pellet mill does not mean the best one. Other words, you should choose a pellet mill after considering your budget, the capacity for large, medium and small scale pellet production, pellets application ( for business or self use, for feed or fuel, for boiler or stoves, etc,), power condition ( electricity, diesel, gasoline, etc) and serving life, etc.

3. Pellet mill operation and utilization affects the purchasing of the pellet mills. If the machine is too complicated to be operated, it may cause extra expense, such as cost for operator training and potential cost of machinery maintenance and operator securing which may be caused by wrong operation.

4. After sale service and spare part supply are also important for choosing a pellet mill manufacturer and supplier. It’s better to choose pellet mills from a manufacturer or supplier who could provide satisfactory after sale service and consistent spare part supply, any of your problem can be solved at a phone call or an email.

After these consideration, here comes the second question: where to buy a pellet mill? You may find a local distributor from the business directory, that’s ok, but as there is always a huge mark-up from the distributor and the after service cannot be guaranteed, I suggest you choose from internet. So, there comes the third question:

How to buy a cost-effective pellet mill on-line?

When you search information on pellet mills in Google, promotion information are overwhelming. There are American companies, European companies and, of course, Chinese companies. But you will be totally wrong by only judging from where the suppliers are located. I am going to disclose some facts to help you see clearly through how the real pellet mill is behind the advertisement. Let’s start with some well-known brands.

CPM pellet millCPM pellet mill logo

As a pellet mill manufacture, CPM pellet mill is well known. With the creation of his first flat die pellet mill in 1931, California Pellet Mill was set up. Now CPM has already become a world leading pellet mill suppler with its pellet mill supplied all over the world.


Product : Feed pellet mill, wood pellet millCPM feed pellet mill


  • High production quality
  • Durable gear
  • High production efficiency
  • Good after sales service
  • Large scale pellet production


  • Expensive
  • Small and medium scale pellet production is not recommended


Rating: ★★★★☆

Personal point of view: CPM pellet mill is a good and trustworthy pellet mill manufacturer and supplier with international fame and long history, who would provide you high quality pellet making machines and satisfactory after-sale service which will make everything easier for you but on the other hand it will cost you an arm and leg. If your investment is abundant, it may be a good choice for you. However, it would not be a wise choice for small scale pellet manufactures or beginners who just tip toes in the water of pellet production.

ANDRITZ pellet millAndaritz pellet mill logo

ANDRITZ is also an international technology group with its headquarter located in Graz, Australia. It is also an international pellet mill supplier.


Product : Biomass pellet mills

ANDRITZ biomass pellet mill


  • Sturdy
  • High efficiency
  • Larger capacity


  • Expensive
  • Small and medium scale pellet production is not recommended

Rating: ★★★★

Personal point of view: AUDRITZ is an integrated group, whose feed and biomass pellet mills are supplied all around the world. The AUDRITZ pellet mills are designed for large scale feed or fuel pellet production which are ensured of efficient control of pellet quality and the needed energy consumption. Again, they are the good choice for large pellet production provided the investment is abundant. However they are not a good choice for beginners.

Four American pellet mill website


I would like to put them into one category, because all of the four are American suppliers who are frequently seen online. Most of them sell small pellet mills. On their websites, there are electricity pellet mills, diesel pellet mills, gasoline pellet mills and PTO pellet mills

Diesel pellet mill from American website

Diesel pellet mill from                      Diesel pellet mill from

Large diesel pellet mill from websites of and

Large diesel pellet mill from                                     Larger diesel pellet mill from

(All the photos come from  their web pages.)

When purchasing on line, it is better to think twice before leaping. Because there is a problem. Some of the above suppliers claim that their pellet mills are made in USA. That is NOT TRUE. It’s is not true because all the machines are made by Chinese manufacturers. I know that because I am in China and I know exactly what Chinese pellet mills look like. Believe it not, all the pellet mills from the above mentioned suppliers are made in China. I will show you the evidence: In the image below, the marked-in-yellow Chinese characters”中国常柴” is a diesel engine brand name in China.

Pellet mill diesel engine with Chinese characters
Diesel pellet mill from  


Products: Pellet mills from,,,

Pros: You can visit the supplier and see the real machine on-site easily if you leave in USA

Cons: Pellet mills made in USA? Doubtful

Rating: ★★★

Personal point of view :Given this, you will have big risks when buying pellet mill from them because of the following reasons:

1. Prices are still cheap buying from China. Then these American suppliers will make a huge mark-up to local buyer, and if you buy, you buy in an unnecessarily high price.

2. Quality from Chinese suppliers are not the same. No doubt that there are Chinese manufacturers who are making quality pellet mill (I’ll give examples later), but you have no idea if the pellet mills from these American distributors come from an unlicensed small workshop. If it is true, not only the quality cannot be guaranteed, but also no after service at all.

Knowing this, I will ask you one question: why not buying a pellet mill directly from a reliable Chinese supplier? As too many factories exist in China, I pick up 3 pellet mill brands which you definitely will find them active on internet : Muyang, Zhengchang, and Gemco.


Muyang pellet millMuyang pellet mill logo

Muyang Co..Ltd is an integrated solution provider of plant , equipment and service in the field of feed manufacturing, which was founded in 1969. Now Muyang has already becomes a poultry feed pellet mill suppler internationally.Muyang poultry feed pellet mills are known as high efficiency, hygiene and safety, flexible production and user-friendly operation. The capacity of its feed pellet mills ranges from 1.5 to 27 ton per hour.

Product : Feed pellet millsMuyang feed pellet mill

Pros: Professional for feed pellet production

Cons: Not sure if they can make pellets from woody material

Rating: ★★★★

Personal point of view: Feed pellet mills are the focus of Muyang Group, who can provide you feed pellet mills with flexible production. Their feed pellet mills can produce pellets from 1.5 – 27 ton per hour, which would be good for medium and large scale pellet manufacturers who has fair budget but not for small feed pellet producers.


Zhengchang pellet millZhengchang pellet mill logo

Zhengchang was established in 1918. It is able to offer a range of comprehensive solutions for feed production. Now it has developed into the largest manufacture of feed machinery in China.

Product : Pellet millsZheng chang pellet mill

Pros: Professional for feed pellet production

Cons: Limited in the field of feed pellet mills

Rating: ★★★★

Personal point of view: Zhengchang Group is one of the leading pellet mill manufacturers in China, whose feed pellet mills are especially well known. Zhengchang feed pellet mills have a wide range from 50 kg to 24 ton per hour, which can meet the production requirement for small, medium and large scale pellet production.


Gemco pellet millGemco pellet mill logo

Started from 1990s, GEMCO is well known for its wide product range: small wood pellet mill, small feed pellet mill, mobile pellet mill, large wood pellet turnkey project and even briquetting machine.

Gemco R typ pellet mill and ring die pellet mill
Gemco ring die pellet mill and R type pellet mill

Product : Biomass pellet mills


  • Competitive price
  • Proven quality
  • Wide capacity range
  • Good after-sale service

Cons:They are not as famous as others because they don't advertise too much

Rating: ★★★★☆

Personal point of view: Gemco is well-known in China for its patent technology on pellet production, which makes them can largely improve the pellet mill production efficiency and working life. Their small pellet mills and pellet lines are seen all over the world to meet the needs of various scales of pellet production.

Conclusion: To buy a pellet mill online always is not easy. You may suffer big loss without deep investigation. Check their websites, youtube video, exhibition news, customers visit news, or case study as much as you can. Make sure you talk business with their salesmen and ask technical questions to see if they are professional enough from the answer. Any consultation is welcomed, I hope I can help you.