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Get close to pellet machine manufacturing

By Jack Huang    Dec 20, 2013
After more than one month’s job hunting, Bella finally got a job as a translator at Gemco Energy, which is a professional bio-fuel machinery production manufacturer and exporter. As a newly graduate, Bella is now excited and nervous about how the pellet machine workshop looks like and how is her life there like because today she is going to the pellet machine factory to know the how the pellet machine works. Now let’s get close to the pellet machine manufacturing factory with her.

After arriving in Chaoyue Machinery and Electronic Industrial Park in New High-Tech Industry Clustering Area, Bella is pleased by the beautiful view of the pellet machine workshop.

The beautiful view outside the pellet mill factory

 Beautiful view out side of the pellet machine factory

 When getting in the workshop, Bella is filled with deep esteem for the workers. There’s a nice mix of the young and the not so young! Everyone is concentrated at their works and performs their duties.Reasonable, convenient, efficient and practical is the design concept. They are committed to the production of energy-efficient biomass energy machinery.

 In the pellet factory of Gemco

In the pellet machine factory

After seeing all the pellet machine processing sections, Bella is led into the Bio-fuel Energy Lab, where she sees various parts, such as pellet dies, rollers, bearings, etc and various raw materials and pellets made by them and where the Engineer Zhao explains the working principles, structures ,features, operations of pellet machines and pellet production procedures, pellet storage and pellet machines maintenance, etc. And at last, with the instruction of Engineer Zhao, Bella manages to dissemble and reassemble the small pellet mill,which makes her understand the pellet machine structure completely. And a week later, Bella will have to go through an exam to fill in her position.

Withe the pellet mill eningeers

With some of the pellet machine engineers

At the end of her first day of internship, Bella is impressed by what Engineer Zhao said that “We understand exactly our clients' needs and find suitable solutions as soon as possible to satisfy them.What’s more, we work to exceed our clients' expectations. As a proactive team, we work to generate added value to the clients.” Bella is no longer nervous about her career here for now she is confident about the company which will provide development training on regular basis to enhance her skills and believes she will be one of the qualified team, which combines the best of East and West and allows clients to work with China without any additional difficulty on the base of mutual benefits. Bella is so glad she has a chance to get close to the pellet machine manufacturing industry and hopes to share what she’s learnt with you. If you have any idea, please feel free to leave your message below.