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  • How much is the decibels while the whole set of plant is on running?

    The decibels of each machine on running are as follow: hammer mill is about 100 decibels, pellet mill 90 decibels, vibrating screen 90 decibels, fan 80 decibels, and elevator 80 decibels. All the statistics are estimated based on experiences but not on practical test, which can be recollected and verified on the trial running.

  • How is the whole set of the plant disassembled and packed into a 20 feet container?

    If it is a 20 feet open-top container that is adopted, the elevator, cyclone and pipes can be dissembled and packed separately from the foundation frame while the others can be packed integrally with the foundation frame. If it is non-open-top container, further disassembling is necessary. The mixing chamber needs to be separated from the foundation frame and packed independently and then the others can be packed together with the foundation frame.

  • What’s the total power of the plant?

    The practical total power of the plant is 41.25 kW. But this number does not include dryer and packing machine.

  • Questions on the air conveyer:
  • What’s the air volume?

    The air volume is 1560 m³/h.

  • How is the problem of dust discharging on the top of the cyclone solved?

    This news small mobile pellet plant has the dust recycling pipe adopted on the top of the cyclone to solve the problem of dust discharging.

  • What’s the pellets temperature after going through the air cooling system?

    The pellet temperature can be lowered down to 40-50℃, which can be controlled by adjusting the speed of scraper conveyer via frequency converter.

  • What’s the diameter of the pipes?

    The diameter of the pipe connected with the vibrating screen isφ45( one pipe). And the diameter of the pipe connected with the air cooling conveyer isφ100( two pipes).

  • How to deal with the backlog in the pipes?

    The problem of backlog in the pipes is caused by the improper adjustment of the conveyer. It can be solved by adjusting the conveyer.

  • Questions on the storage bin:
  • What’s the thickness of storage bin steel plate?

    The thickness of the storage bin steel plate is 2.5 mm.

  • How to deal with the viscosity problem of the high moisture materials?

    Mixing can solve the problems of the normal materials generally. However, the materials with high viscosity cannot be transported by the air conveyer.

  • How do deal with the piling problem on the screw feeder?

    The open of the screw feeder is designed in square, which is spacious, preventing the happening of material crowding and eventually stopping the happening of materials piling.

  • What’s the volume of the screw feeder? And what’s the frequency conversion range of it?

    The screw feeder is installed under the mixing chamber, with the volume of 1023 mm (length)* 115 mm (width)*112 mm(height). The range of the frequency conversion is 30-60 HZ.

  • What’s the maximum feed-in material level in the feeder?

    The maximum feed-in material level above the bottom is﹤800 mm.

  • How to decide the mixing time with the different material levels?

    Generally, the higher the material level is, the longer the mixing time will be. The specific mixing times of the various material levels are still under testing.

  • Questions on the pellets:
  • Where is the water tanker? How to operate? And what are the key parameters?

    Water tanker is just next the vibrating screen. When the water tanker is filled with water fully, the water pump motor can be started. And the flow of the water is controlled by the adjusting button. The key parameters are as following: Water tanker: 100 liter; Water pump power: 24 v; Flow: 5 L/mim; Outlet pressure: 8.5 kg; Flow meter: 0.2-2 PM.

  • What’s the diameter of the die hole?

    The diameter of the die hole ranges from 2.5 to 12 mm. However, at present the die with the die hole diameter of 6 mm and 8 mm can be used to produce pellets based on mature technology while the die with diameters of different sizes are still under producing and testing.

  • As for making feed pellets, can the flat die pellet mill replace the roller-driven pellet mill?

    Yes, it is.

  • Questions about the bucket elevator:
  • What’s the angles and height of the bucket elevator on different gears?

    The angles and height of the bucket elevator on different gears , from the bottom up to the top, are shown as following:

  • The angle formed by the bottom plane of the elevator bucket body and the top plane of the foundation frame The angle formed by the bottom plane of the elevator bucket body and the top plane of the foundation frame
    On the first gear 45° 1250 mm
    On the second gear 37° 1030 mm
    On the third gear 39° 790 mm
    The fourth and fifth gear can be used when the host machine is lengthened.
  • How many bucket sections can be added to the conveyer?

    Generally, only one bucket section can be added to the conveyer, and it’s better to keep total length of the conveyer no longer than 4 meters.