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Easy Made Wood Briquettes Fire up Frozen Winters

By Jack Huang    Nov 09, 2013

In the cold winter, what do you want most? Warmth definitely! By fired furnace, sit quietly with your beloved ones in the cozy sofa. How warm and happy! Gradually, the fire is dying out and the coldness is going to conquer the room and make children shaking with chill. Now, it’s time for you to start your  homemade briquette press or the wood briquettes machine to make wood briquettes to fire your furnace and save your home from coldness.

wood briquetts fire your home in the frozen winter

Briquettes fire up your home in frozen winter

As an alternate fuel, the heat value of briquettes made by the biomass briquetting machines range from 4.48 to 5.95 KJ/G, depending on the composition whereas the heat value of wood briquettes, sawdust briquettes, charcoal briquettes and wood pellets ranges between 7.24 to 8.25 KJ/G, according to a study conducted by Boise State University. Even compare with coal fuel, biomass briquettes is not inferior because they have their own advantages and features.

To be specific, let’s take the corn stalk briquettes for example and the key parameters of the corn stalk briquettes are as follow, density: 700 -1400 kg/ m³, ash content: 1-20%, moisture content ≤15%, heat value: 3700 – 4500 kj/KG, which is about 0.7 -0.8 times of that of the coal. It means the energy content of 1.25 ton corn stalk briquettes almost equals that of 1 ton coal. While the corn stalk briquettes are combusted in the matched bio-furnace, the combustion rate of the briquettes is 1.3 – 1.5 times of that of the coal which is combusted in the coal-fired boiler. Hence, the heat utilization ratio of 1 ton corn stalk briquettes is nearly the same with that of 1 ton coal under the situation. However, as for the aspect of environment, corn stalk briquettes are far better than coal. The carbon emission of corn stalk briquettes is around “zero emission”, NO, 214 mg/ m³; SO, 246 mg/ m³, soot emission, 127 mg/ m³, which is far lower than that of coal. What’s more, the ash of the briquettes can be used as potash fertilizer.

Wood briquettes machines also named as briquettes makers can be used to process other biomass materials into briquettes such as sawdust, tree branches, twigs, waste wood blocks, rice husk, straw, paperboard and other wood substances and so on. By integrating Siemens intelligent PLC module, the biomass briquette machines is enabled to work better, smarter, safer and quieter. Well, now please do not turn a blind eye to the tons and tons biomass treasure around you and start to invest in the profitable biomass business.

Comparing with DIY home-made briquettes makers, the wood briquettes machines have a higher efficiency, ensure good wood briquettes quality, and high a high utilization of biomass materials. Gemco wood briquette  machine adopts hydraulic technology and make the briquettes much easier! What you need to do is to start wood briquette machine,harvest the briquettesand fire up furnace to save your home from coldness.