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Pellet Dryer

XW-H-350 Model Air Flow Dryer

This air flow dryer is to torrefy the material with a higher moisture. After the moisture is reduced below 12%, the material is ready to be pressed into pellets or briquettes. The air flow dryer is a pre-treatment facilities always with a pellet mill or a briquette press.


Moisture content before drying 30%-40%
Moisture content after drying 8%-12%
Hot air temperature 150-200℃
Airflow velocity 8m/s
Air volume 8960 m³/h
Drying speed 400-600kg/h
Power 11KW

Technological Process:

Hot air stove feeding port pipeline ebullated dryer pipeline fan heating cylinder pipeline separator materials

Operation Steps

Power-on :Please check the followings before lighted the stove:

  • 1. Check the hot blast stove and the grate. Confirm the driving device for feeding and auxiliary device are in normal condition;
  • 2. Remove the material blocked in the feeding screw conveyor or in the screening machine;
  • 3. Remove the ash and impurity in the burning chamber and pipeline;

B Preparation before dryer starting on:

  • 1. Prepare the required fuel and tools;
  • 2. All bearings and friction surfaces need to be fill lube timely;
  • 3. Check dryer and the accessory devices before starting the dryer;

C Dryer start-up procedure:

  • 1. Start the motor first;
  • 2. Start the roller screen and the feeding and discharging screw conveyor;
  • 3. Start roller screen and feeding screw conveyor to feed material when the tested temperature reaches 50℃;

D Stop running

  • 1. Stop feeding material into hot blast stove before the last 15 min of dryer running;
  • 2. Stop all feeding process driving except running host machine and discharging screw conveyor;
  • 3. Remove the residual material in the pipeline with discharging screw conveyor after the dryer running for 15 min;
  • 4. Turn off the power of main air blower;
  • 5. Stop the discharging screw conveyor for dry material.

Installation and matters need attention

  • 1. Install the equipment according to the site condition. In order to assure the drying effect, please choose a flat site and any joints without air leakage.
  • 2. Control the material burning temperature≤250℃ in the heating process, or it will lead to the material in the pipeline burning and air-return. (The temperature measuring port connects to the middle-lower position of cyclone)
  • 3. In order to assure the drying quality, feeding amount should be controlled according to the material moisture when feeding wet material from feeding inlet. In the running process, hot blast stove door closed all the time will lead to air-return and sawdust burning, which caused by excess temperature.
  • 4. Halt and repair the fan propeller if the fan shakes with too much noise. The drying capacity will be affected by the heavily worn fan propeller, which need to be changed timely. Check each joints and make sure there is no air leakage every shift. Fasten the connecting bolt.
  • 5. Open the residue outlet and remove the sandy soil and crude material in the pipeline before starting up each day.