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Diesel pellet mills for pellet production

By Jack Huang    Jan 09, 2014

Diesel pellet mill is one of the popular pellet machines in the market for small scale pellet production. The diesel pellet mill has taken its share in the market for its own unique features. Now let’s zoom into diesel pellet mill to get the right pelleting solution.


Usually, the diesel pellet mill is consisted of clutch assembly, gear box, main spindle box, roller, die, upper body, feeder, diesel engine and base. It is preferred in the places where energy is limited for the conveniences and the cost-effective price. Besides, the diesel pellet mills could be installed with the 24 Volt electrical starter when it’s necessary or under the requirements of clients, which makes the starting of diesel pellet mills energy saving and time saving. Lastly, the large horsepower diesel engine is equipped with two batteries, which makes the starting much easier in the frozen winter.


2 rotating rollers pellet mill with diesel engine
Diesel pellet mil


The diesel pellet mill is usually used in the rural area where the supply of electricity is in shortage and expensive and small-scale wood pellet production is needed for diesel pellet mills can break the limitations of energy and places, which make wood pellets production available, movable, convenient and practical.


The capacity of the diesel pellet mill ranges from 80 kg/h to 300 kg/h, varying with the species of raw materials, such as, sawdust, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, forestry wastes, wood chips and many other wastes or solid powder materials.

Energy requirements

The fuel needed for diesel pellet mill is diesel which is available everywhere with the relatively low price. Comparing with other pellet mills, the accelerator of the diesel engine could be adjusted to balance the driving force and running speed, which ensures the production of quality pellets with the lowest energy consumption.


And also the transmission shaft of the diesel pellet mill is supported by two tapered roller bearings which could withstand larger two-way axial force and radial force, ensure the safety of the structure.Besides, equipped with the clutch, the diesel pellet mill can be stopped in emergency, ensuring the safety of the operator and the machine.