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Crusher the crushing solution for pellet production

By Jack Huang    Dec 10, 2013

Crusher is necessary equipment for wood chipping or crushing in pellet production. Crusher is designed to reduce the size of the raw wood materials such as branches, logs, or other large-sized materials before proceeding to other stages which is a primary and important procedure in biomass pellet production.

Why need crusher?

Size reduction technology is an important consideration in pelletization because it can be the limiting factor in production as well as one of the most costly steps in the entire process. Not only does size reduction equipment consumes large quantities of power, it determines, to a great extent, the operating, maintenance, and lifecycle costs of other equipment in the line. For instance, if material is sized properly when it reaches the mill, the die need only act as a forming device, not as a sizing device, which greatly enhances the die life and decreases energy consumption. Therefore, the crusher is needed.

The crusher will get the raw wood materials be chipped and re-crushed into wood partials with the diameter of 2-3 mm, ready for further drying, pelletizing and briquetting. Small crushers could be driven by the diesel engine, motor, tractor, etc. It is equipped with high carbon steel hammers and works with high efficiency, widely used in farm, wood factory, etc.

woody Powdery by crushing machine
Wood powdery


How to crush?

The crusher usually consists of cutting and crushing devices, fans and screens, engine etc, which integrates the effect of cutting and crushing together. The blades cut and crush the raw materials with the high rotating speed and the particles are then deformed by the force of the blades of the crusher by the repeated cutting and crushing and the final size of the grind can be controlled by the diameter size of the screen. The efficiency is highly dependent on the quality of the feedstock—even feedstock distribution to the crusher—appropriate crusher patterns, well-sized screens, and a well-designed air system.

How to maintain a crusher?

The lubrication of the bearings is needs after each three or four working hours. And the tightness of the belt should be adjusted while for while. What’s more, each part of the machine needs to be cleaned and examine timely to ensure a higher crushing efficiency and expand the working life of the crusher for sometimes the materials may block the screen, which may lower the crushing efficiency and even harm the crusher.