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Automated Your Pellet Weighting and Packing System

By Jack Huang    Nov 05, 2013

As the renewable biomass pellet market gets more and more prosperous, bags and bags of pellets for household users are welcomed in markets and sacks and sacks of pellets for industrial consumers are transported continuously from pellet production factories to those enterprises which need pellets for heating and steaming. Well, as an energy pellet manufacturer, it’s necessary to get your pellets packed up for your customers.

Wood pellets in various bags

Wood pellets in various bags

Advantages of bagging your pellets

  • The bags can protect the wood pellets from being broken during handling, lowering fine percentage and keep the pellets from the rotten because of the humid air during long storage.
  • Bagged wood pellets can be easily handled and stored anywhere which is dry and sheltered.
  • Customized pellet bags with your band and contact printed can promote your customers’ awareness to your brand and promote your pellet business.

Automate your pellet line with auto-packing machine

The auto-packing machine is recommended to medium and large pellet production because with the support of advanced technology, the automatic packing machines are already a party of atomization of pellet production which can pack pellets with different weights, taking Gemco automatic weighting and packing machine for example, which the weights is adjustable from 10kg – 80kg (22.065lbs – 176.52lbs) and at the same time the power needed is 0.92KW, which can highly improved the working efficiency of pellet production plants with the productivity of 5 ton per hour or more.


automatic weighting and packing machine


Advantages of automating your pellet production line

Well, the advantages of automating your pellet production line are obvious.

  • Firstly, the automatic PLC control system realizes the automatic weighting and packing, saving labor and time cost and improving working efficiency.
  • Secondly, the digital intelligent weighting and packing machine is more accurate, fast, and easy to be operated with much more stability and reliably than that of manual operation does.
  • Lastly, the packing system can ensure a better sealing for the bags or the sacks which reduce the dust improving the working conditions and ensure the quality of the bags. And some automatic weighting and packing machines can automatically the processing of weighting, packing, sealing and printing which makes your customized package possible.

Tips on selection of Wighting and Packing Machine for your own pellets

Generally, the packaging machine can be selected according to your pellet line capacity and your target customers.

On one hand, the selection of the packaging machine is based on your pellet production line capacity. For small scale pellet production line, the packaging machine is optional for the packaging of the small scale of pellets can be easily done by labor. For medium and large scale pellet production lines, the packaging machine is highly recommended for it will largely improve your production line efficiency and lower your production cost.

On the other hand, your target pellet customers will influence your selection of packaging machine. Before get your pellets packed, you have to know your target clients. Generally, pellet consumers can be categorized into three scales: small, medium and large. Usually, small scale consumers refer to private or individual household where pellets are used in kitchen for cooking or in the furnace-like equipment for heating. While the medium scale consumers are public buildings, commercial and industrial premises such as schools, health centers, airports, etc. whereas, the large scale consumers are large scale plants, such as heating plants and CHP-plants where pellets are usually co-fired with other fuels. As for the small scale consumers, the orders can be done by manual packing or by packing machines, but for large scale orders, the auto packing machine is needed for saving labor and improving efficiency and accuracy.

Wood pellet bag dimensions and price

As for different pellet consumers, your pellets have to be packed with different bags or sacks. Pellets’ packing in large (500–1000kg) and small (10–20kg) sacks is usually done straight from the pelletizing line or if the pellets are packed later, in the warehouse, in this case they are sieved again before packing. In the following paragraphs, the dimensions and price of various wood pellet bags are presented for your sake.

Bag type Bag picture Dimensions Loading weights Price(FOB)
Woven Bag Big woven wood pellet bag 90*90*110cm/
500KG-3000KG US $3 - 10 / Piece
Woven Bag Big bags for wood pellets 90*90*100cm 500-2000kg US $3 - 9 / Piece
Plastic bag plastic wood pellet bags Customized Customized US $0.05 - 0.25 / Piece
Stand Up Pouch plastic wood pellet bag with zipper Customized Customized US $0.002 - 0.05 / Piece

Statistics from

Tips on how to store your pellets

  •  Pellets are better to be placed near the burning appliance. It also should be convenient to re-stock.
  •  Pellets are better to be kept in dry and well-vented rooms. Wood pellets stored in the open air should be covered or wrapped in plastic to keep humid from wood pellets.
  • Pellets should be kept from contaminants, such as, dusts for they may will be burned at interior room. And also the storage of the wood pellets may cause lots of dusts which means the storage of wood pellets should be placed near but also sealed from the interior of the room.
  • Pellets should be kept in safe place. The pellets should be placed on safe and strong racks or shelves where the pellets are kept from the ground humid and animals which may bite the bags and damage the pellets.

Well, it’s time to get the pellet production line automated to improve your pellet productivity and get your wallet fatty!