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GEMCO Biomass Mobile Pellet Plant

This GEMCO MPL 300 biomass mobile pellet plant is specially designed for biomass pellets. This is an integrated system with pellet mill and other supporting equipments. Unlike most of traditional pellet mill for sale, the mobile pellet plant is an all-in-one unit being highly efficient for making biomass pellets, wood pellets, and animal feed pellets, enjoying a wide application rage for the raw materials, including logs, saw dust, wood shavings, crop straw, mixed feed, etc.

With a sophisticated structure design, the necessary processing equipments for making pellets are arranged in one single complete pellet plant, primarily consisting of hammer mill, cyclone separator, bin, screw conveyor, pellet mill, vibrating screen, scraper conveyor, electric cabinet, and foundation frame. The pellet plant integrates the processing functions of crushing, pelletizing, cooling, transporting, etc into one complete pellet plan, improving working efficiency remarkably and lowering your wood pellets production cost.

One operator can manage the operation of the mobile pellet plant by simply adjusting the operation buttons, lowering your labor cost efficiently. This patented pelletizing technology guarantees a flexible applicability, satisfying customers with different requirements.

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Mobile Pellet Plant Highlights

A sophisticated designed pneumatic conveying system uses the minimum power to function in resized pelletizing material transportation, recycle after screening, pellet cooling at scraper conveyor and dust control, leaving no material being wasted.
The compact structure gives GEMCO mobile pellet plant a really small footprint (1960*3500*3500). No worry for the space anymore! Start your own biomass pellets making business today at anywhere!
You safety and the quality of electrics are guaranteed by Germany originated Schneider brand.
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Based on our experienced practice in biomass pellets industry and customers’ feedbacks and requirements, the GEMCO MPL300 mobile pellet plant is designed with the advanced technology from abroad, beaming the charms of Europe and America style. This pellet plant is widely used to produce feed pellets and biomass fuel pellets. And it is consisted of hammer mill, mixing silo, pellet mill, cooler and other multifunctional machines, with appealing appearance satisfying various tastes and requirements from different customers.

  1. Wide Application Range: Any kind of biomass materials containing wood fiber, such as peanut shell, bagasse, castor shell, straw, sawdust, coffee grounds, rice husk, sunflower shell, cotton stalk, tobacco residue, leaf mustard stalk, bamboo, jute residue, tea residue, wheat-straw, palm shell, bean shell, coconut shell, dregs of decoction, and wood waste, etc.
  2. Applicability: This mobile pellet plant is flexible so that it’s convenient to move the plant out. And due to the delicate design, the volume of the multifunctional plant is small and favorable for transportation.
  3. The final wood pellets are widely used in heating and electricity industries as biofuel. Also, the feedstuff pellets can be used as the foods for cow, sheep, rabbits and other poultry.
  4. Performance of the mobile pellet plant: The mobile pellet mill with multifunction is consisted of the systems of crushing, separating, air feeding, mixing, moisture adjusting, pelletizing, sieving, cooling, conveying and packaging, etc. And also the frequency conversion technology is adopted to adjust the main parts. The whole working flowchart is reasonable.
  5. All of the electrical parts used are from the Schneider, so they are reliable. To ensure continuous production, the frequency conversion motors are installed in the feeder and screw conveyor to adjust the feeding speed.